The luxury meal kits to bring Michelin-starred spirit to your Valentine’s Day

From The Wolseley to The Savoy, Hawksmoor to Home by Heston Blumenthal, don’t let lockdown get the better of your love life…

Bad news for fans of string quartets and table-side proposals: Valentine’s Day is cancelled. Or as good as cancelled. With lockdown lumbering on and restaurants still shut, there’ll be no engagement rings in the Champagne or ‘One fondant, two spoons, please’ this year.

Instead, couples will be forced to fend for themselves in the kitchen. That is, unless, you’ve had the forethought to order one of these sumptuous Valentine’s Day at-home meal kits before the big day. From The Wolseley to The Savoy, Hawksmoor to Home by Heston Blumenthal, these luxury kits will bring the Michelin-starred spirit to your Valentine’s Day…

The Savoy Valentine’s Decadence Dinner

What’s in the box? A feast for two, including a seafood platter of the freshest ready-to-eat lobster, prawns, crab, scallops and mussels, accompanied by a seaweed salad and condiments — as well as hand-rolled truffles.

Any special touches? You’ll also be delivered a punnet of fresh strawberries — ready to be dipped into a hot chocolate sauce for that final decadent, romantic touch.

How much does it cost? £160. For a slightly less expensive option, The Savoy are also offering a Valentine’s Afternoon Tea — complete with patisseries, scones and savouries — for £130.

One Fine Dine Valentine’s Menu

What’s in the box? From culinary experts One Fine Dine, this ambrosial menu contains a lavish 3-course meal, amuse bouche, petit fours, bottle of wine and a printed menu (to evoke that restaurant feel). 

Any special touches? To further the restaurant experience, you can choose your courses — thanks to a flexible ‘set’ menu. Highlights include Sous-vide Cornish Monkfish, Roulade of Confit Duck and ‘Lovers Mess’ — complete with Prosecco-poached strawberries.

How much does it cost? At the pricier end of the meal kit spectrum, this one’ll set you back £195 — but the intricate self-plating adds to both the entertainment and novelty.

Champagne Lanson Valentine's Gourmet Food Box

What’s in the box? An exclusive limited-edition three course menu including mains from renowned butchers H.G Walter, paired with a bottle of requisitely romantic Lanson Le Rosé.

Any special touches? While the Beef Wellington main and Chocolate Fondant starter may be sumptuous, it’s got to be that smoked salmon starter — where real thought has been put into what would pair best with the Champagne. 

How much does it cost? £130 for two. There’s also a vegetarian option available for the same price (and both will be delivered on Saturday 13th ready to be cooked on Valentine’s Day). 

Ombra Valentine's Set Menu

What’s in the box? A lot. Really, a serious amount of food — from Ombra’s famous focaccia and three antipasti to a three-course meal of Black Truffle Agnolotti, Sea Bream and Tiramisu (with Amaretti and petit fours to finish).

Any special touches? As if you needed more? For an extra £10, you can add a couple of Negroni cocktails for a pre-dinner aperitif. 

How much does it cost? A round £100. Extra if you want to add those Negronis — or one of seven bottles of wine on offer; from a 2019 Julie Balagny Beaujolais to a Ezio Cerruti sparkling option.

Angelina Valentine’s Feast

What’s in the box? A Golden Gai signature cocktail, a couple of Cornish Rock Oysters, Blood Orange and Bottarga Salad, Fregola, Soy-Braised Osso Bucco, a Chocolate and Marscapone Dessert and Cheese Platter.

Any special touches? In the true, romantic spirit of Valentine’s Day, the Valentine’s Feast from Angelina also comes with a bunch of fresh flowers — so you can set the dinner table scene. 

How much does it cost? £70 per person — available on the 12th, 13th and 14th February, for collection or delivery within 2.5 miles of the Dalston restaurant.

Sabor St Valentine's Menu Box

What’s in the box? Foie Gras & Brandy Chicken Liver Pâté, Gamba Blanca de Huelva, Black Truffle Rice, Chocolate Fondant, Scallops and Caviar — and a bottle of Cava Stars Brut Reserva 2016.

Any special touches? Several. That RioFrio Spanish Caviar comes with a Mother of Pearl caviar serving spoon, and Sabor has even thrown in a couple of Le Tribute Gin & Tonics to round off the evening. 

How much does it cost? £220, with delivery scheduled for 13th February. It’s another expensive option — but, with both truffle and caviar making an appearance, we’d say it’s worth it.

The Wolseley Valentine’s Meal For Two

What’s in the box? Shrimp cocktail with Sauce ‘Marie Rose’, Fillet of Beef with Peppercorn Sauce (or Salmon) — and sides of Tenderstem Broccoli, Spring Greens, Dauphinoise Potatoes and Chantenay Carrots, with Manjari Chocolate Orange Crémeux to finish.

Any special touches? How about a bottle of Pommery Brut NV Champagne? And, if that wasn’t enough to quench your thirst for the fizzy stuff, some Golden Chocolate Champagne Truffles for good measure. 

How much does it cost? £150 — a small price paid to feel like you’re back dining in the wonderful, wonderful Wolseley.

Valentine’s Day Date Night Delivered By 67 Pall Mall

What’s in the box? Secret Smokehouse Salmon & Rye Bread, Spiced Aylesbury Duck Breast, Dauphinoise Potato, Cavolo Nero & Blood Orange Jus and Yoghurt & Champagne Panna Cotta, Champagne-poached Rhubarb.

Any special touches? Not so much a special touch as the sole reason you should be buying this kit, 67 Pall Mall’s expert sommeliers have rifled through their cellars to find the perfect pairings for each individual course — from a 1995 Château Phélan Sêgur to a NV Duval-Leroy Femme de Champagne.

How much does it cost? £85 per person if you’re not going to opt for the wine pairings — but you should. In that case, it’ll be an additional £250.00 for the three-bottle collection.

Luca Valentines Menu for 2

What’s in the box? A brilliantly aged Bistecca Alla Fiorentina to share, and a glistening butter made with the Chianti wine of Tuscany. Also, seasonal rhubarb and blood oranges to served alongside vanilla and yoghurt panna cotta.

Any special touches? A complimentary 15% off voucher for Grace and Thorn online florist — just in case you’ve forgotten to buy a bouquet as well as dinner.

How much does it cost? £160, if you’re going for the meat option (vegetarian is £140 — but is lacking in the Hereford T-Bone Steak and Chianti Butter department…)

Hawksmoor The Sirloin Box

What’s in the box? Two British sirloin steaks, Matt Brown’s Ultimate oven chips, purple sprouting broccoli, peppercorn sauce, Gentleman’s Relish and a bottle of Montel Petite Syrah.

Any special touches? There’s also a bottle of Hawksmoor’s own pre-bottled Ultimate Dry Martini for two tucked into The Sirloin Box — a perfect pre-dinner cocktail.

How much does it cost? £95. We wanted to feature Hawksmoor’s Valentine’s Prime Rib Box (£135), but it’s already sold out. Take that as an indication of mouth-watering quality. 

Dinner at Home by Heston Blumenthal for Valentine’s Day

What’s in the box? The ‘Vivendier Menu’ contains a five-course, Michelin-starred menu for Valentine’s Day, including favourites such as the iconic Meat Fruit, Tipsy Cake and Hay Smoked Salmon.

Any special touches? Not so much a special touch as an incredible dessert, the Millionaire Tart. Words don’t do it justice.

How much does it cost? £140 per person. Yes, that makes it the most expensive on this list — by quite some way. But it’s also one of the few that will bring actual Michelin-starred spirit to your Valentine’s Day…

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