The fitness gurus to follow on Instagram

From a boxing-based personal trainer to one of London’s most prominent yoga instructors, these are the best accounts to motivate you to your fitness goals

We could all do with bettering our bodies. Whether it’s a couple of pounds that need shifting, a muscle group that needs defining or a cardio level that needs upping, there’s always work to be done. But life gets in the way. We find ourselves working late, filling up our social calendars and scrolling through Instagram rather than hitting the gym.

Fortunately, there are toned, dedicated trainers out there just waiting to be followed on the social media app and poised to motivate you to new levels of personal fitness. Here’s who to follow — to ensure it’s not just your thumbs that get a workout…

Toby Huntington-Whiteley, @thuntingtonwhiteley

A personal trainer at Kobox gym, Huntington-Whiteley is the younger brother of model Rosie — and a regular contributor to Gentleman’s Journal. After becoming bored in an office job during the London 2012 Olympics, Toby signed up for a personal training course, qualified and has never looked back.

Followers: 37,400, Specialises in: Full-body workouts, You’ll find him: At Kobox Gym on King’s Road

Joe Wicks, @thebodycoach

You know who Joe Wicks is — there’s probably one of his cookbooks kicking around your kitchen. But for good reason. After studying sports science at university, Wicks now has one of the most followed fitness accounts on Instagram. His first book, Lean in 15: 15-minute meals was a best-seller, and his 90 Day Plans tailor workouts and meal plans to individuals.

Followers: 3,000,000, Specialises in: Fitness meal plans, You’ll find him: On Channel 4, presenting The Body Coach

James Stirling, @london_fitness_guy

Another contributor to Gentleman’s Journal, James Stirling also studied sports science at university, qualified as a personal trainer and built his following through social media. Allowing him to move past personal one-on-one training, Stirling posts accessible home and gym workouts for his followers — especially those in London — and encourages people to better their lifestyles one small step at a time.

Followers: 194,000, Specialises in: Long-term fitness, You’ll find him: Teaching classes at KXU Chelsea

Tom Cleminson, @clem.fitcademy

The founder of FITcademy, Tom ‘Clem’ Cleminson is answering the big fitness questions. If you’re unsure what diet plan to follow, how long a particular program will take or what level of personal training would most benefit you, Clem is the man to follow. He frequently posts exercise explainer videos, guiding you through your workout one step at a time.

Followers: 8,769, Specialises in: Personal training, You’ll find him: Working with clients at FITcademy’s Kensington gym

Chris Magee, @mageesy

As the Head of Yoga at Psycle London, Chris Magee carries a lot of responsibility on his super-flexible shoulders. A former actor, he discovered yoga at drama school, and decided to change career. Today, he dabbles in everything yoga at Psycle, from challenging vinyasas and targeted functional flows to nourishing yin classes.

Followers: 30,600, Specialises in: Yoga, You’ll find him: Teaching classes at Psycle

Dominic Felix, @felixfitness1

Fitness consultant, personal trainer and jump rope specialist Dominic Felix knows his stuff. As a professional boxer, he’s learned the trade the hard way — and still continues to fight today. But the real value in following the southpaw comes in his inspirational posts — if it’s not a dynamic boxing shot, it’s your new favourite gym-motivating mantra.

Followers: 4,390, Specialises in: Boxing, You’ll find him: During summer, at the Helios Retreat in Mykonos

Bradley Simmonds, @bradleysimmonds

‘Get It Done’ is Simmonds’ approach. Simple, straight-to-the-point and with clear, concise results, this is the man to follow if you’re having problems motivating yourself. Almost every day, Simmonds posts new exercises or spins on workouts to help you reduce your body fat, build muscle and maintain a strong core.

Followers: 331,000, Specialises in: Weight loss and muscle building, You’ll find him: Training Premier League footballers in gyms across London

Luke Worthington, @lukewtraining

Luke Worthington has trained some of the biggest Oscar and Emmy winning actors to achieve the best bodies for their roles. A Nike-endorsed, fully-qualified coach and trainer, he splits his time between the UK and USA, running an education series to ensure the continued development of the fitness industry. Follow him to actually learn something about the body you’re bettering.

Followers: 57,600, Specialises in: Educating and exercising, You’ll find him: Teaching courses on biomechanics around the world

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