The First Official Millennial Charlatan Top Trumps

They're brash! They're brazen! They've got a Netflix option on their life story! But who is the ultimate zeitgeisty scamster?

They say the best way to make money from a gold rush isn’t by digging for nuggets but selling pickaxes and shovels. That’s the approach we’ve taken to capitalise on this year’s hottest trend: scamming. We won’t be joining the countless millennial hucksters defrauding the globe, but instead we have launched a bandwagoning enterprise of our own! Introducing the Top Trumps of young charlatans: a must-have trading card game of all your favourite con-artists. Each card has a unique rating based on their ability to bamboozle credulous investors, dodge the authorities and snag a glossy Netflix series!

Anna Sorokin

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