The Diary: Gentleman’s Journal Christmas Party

Guests including Ed Westwick, Jonah Hauer-King, Aki Omoshaybi and Sam Fischer headed to Stanley’s in Chelsea

“Now it’s time to party like it’s 1999,” once sang Prince. But at Gentleman’s Journal, we’re happy to settle for 2019. At our first proper bash ‘since all this began’, friends of the magazine, partners, contributors, talent, and errant socialites braved the crisp (read: Arctic) Chelsea weather for a party of proper proportions. (And, to be fair, the plummeting temperatures did at least add a little yuletide Frisson, not to mention some spectacular shearling.)

Guests — including Ed Westwick, Jonah Hauer-King, Aki Omoshaybi, Sam Fischer, Patrick Grant, Zak Abel, Antonino Russo, Jemima Cadbury, Alexandra Carello, Alistair Guy, Lady Violet Manners, Elliot Edusah, David Tollemache, Camilla Thorp and George Blandford — enjoyed Monkey 47 gin cocktails, Absolut elderflower collins, Whispering Angel, and Coates and Seely Champagne.

The food was quite spectacular, too (though what would you expect from a kitchen as accomplished as Stanley’s) — and included miniature beef tartare, steak salsa bowls, gnocchi squash, and a brilliant goats curd porridge. Everyone has a thoroughly good time — and all in all it was a poignant reminder of how much everyone has missed this sort of thing, and each other.

Jonah Hauer-King
Ed Westwick
Lady Violet Manners and Charles Granby
Patrick Grant
Zak Abel, Sarah Weingust and Adam Fussell
Luke Newberry
Maxi Carello, Freddie Briance, and David Tollemache
Sam Fischer
Max Hurd and Hugh Laughton-Scott
Jemima Cadbury and Alexandra Carello
Harvey James
Elliot Edusah
Zander Warren and Marina Hambro
Camilla Blandford and George Blandford
Aki Omoshaybi and Luke Newberry
Antonino Russo
Alistair Guy
Benji Sewell, Henry Hales, Charles Hambro
Aki Omoshaybi
Cyrill Ibrahim and Guillaume Florent

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