The Diary: Gentleman’s Journal ‘Back to Work’ Drinks at The Cadogan Arms

On Thursday, Gentleman's Journal hosted a 'back to work' drinks in Chelsea to mark the return to office in true, gentlemanly style...

It’s been a wonderful summer, hasn’t it? The weather may not have been on our side, but it’s been a breath of fresh, lifted-lockdown air. The months may have been peppered with pings and lateral flows, and we may not have jetted off to any far-flung destinations — but we’ve all discovered a newfound appreciation for the little things; things we used to take for granted.

Things like staycationing in Salcombe, Scotland or another unexplored corner of the British Isles. Or meeting up with friends after long days back in the office. Or even, as Gentleman’s Journal enjoyed yesterday, a simple good night out at a pub. As the office beckons, and we take up our briefcases for another September, we welcomed friends of the brand to The Cadogan Arms in Chelsea last night; a newly reopened and thoroughly convivial space where we could celebrate a return to normality.

Harrison Osterfield and Alistair Guy

<p>David Gandy</p>

David Gandy

<p>Eric Underwood</p>

Eric Underwood

And what an evening it was. Guests including Eric Underwood, David Gandy, Harrison Osterfield and Alistair Guy, among others, flocked to the renowned Chelsea pub — a neighbourhood stalwart — to celebrate its triumphant reopening and see in autumn with a night of delectable cocktails, mouth-watering canapés and war stories of the last long eighteen months.

<p>Gracie James and Harrison Osterfield</p>

Gracie James and Harrison Osterfield

<p>Mark Ebulue</p>

Mark Ebulue

<p>Freddie Pearson</p>

Freddie Pearson

<p>Violet Manners &#038; Tatiana Mountbatten</p>

Violet Manners & Tatiana Mountbatten

Throughout the night, VIPs and Chelsea locals alike sipped on Tanqueray-infused cocktails from ‘Blackcurrant Negronis’ to ‘Dirty Martinis’ and enjoyed delicacies including Cornish Lamb Ribs (dipped in anchovy and sorrel yoghurt), Pork & Sage Scotch Eggs, Buttermilk Fried Chicken and Raw Summer Vegetables.

<p>Tom Warren</p>

Tom Warren

<p>Elijah Rowen</p>

Elijah Rowen

<p>Daisy Bell and Saam Zonoozi</p>

Daisy Bell and Saam Zonoozi

<p>Alice Manners and Charlotte Evans</p>

Alice Manners and Charlotte Evans

Guests showcased their ‘end of summer’ styles in, sophisticated glory — and the softly lit space evoked a timeless glamour; guests were surrounded by the freshly renovated Georgian architectural details of the pub that have been meticulously and magnificently restored.

So, while summer may be over, and we’re all heading back to work in earnest, Gentleman’s Journal is confident that the return to corporate life will be replete with elegance, style and that debonair edge we’ve been missing all these months. It’s a brave new world out there, gents — we’ll see you in the office.

<p>David Gandy and Joseph Bullmore</p>

David Gandy and Joseph Bullmore

<p>Tatiana Mountbatten</p>

Tatiana Mountbatten

<p>Harrison Osterfield &#038; Freddie Pearson</p>

Harrison Osterfield & Freddie Pearson

<p>Saam Zonoozi and Ellie Tuvey</p>

Saam Zonoozi and Ellie Tuvey

<p>Violet Manners</p>

Violet Manners

<p>Alistair Guy</p>

Alistair Guy

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