The 5 modern classic cars to invest in right now

No matter what kind of car you're looking for, these modern classics will fit the bill, look the part and prove a great investment

Growing up, we all had posters of particular cars on our bedroom walls. At the time, they may have been the cutting edge of engineering and automotive design. Then, the posters came down and the cars themselves were confined to second hand dealerships and closed garages.

Today, however, they are forging ahead as a new breed of modern classics. Whether you’re after a coupe packing a straight-six engine, or a cruiser with a V12 under the bonnet, there are modern classics for all tastes and needs.

"There are modern classics for all tastes and needs..."

And, after a brief lull in desirability, the best thing about all of these motors is that they’re destined to just grow and grow in price. So, keep them in a nice cosy garage and you’ll have quite the four-wheeled investment.

Here are the 5 best to buy today, picked by our friends at 4 Star Classics. Start your engines, gentlemen — your perfect investment is just a gear shift away…

For your inner rally driver: Mitsubishi Evo Lancer VI Tommi Makinen Edition

The 5 modern classic cars to invest in right now

While the closest you might get to a rally stage is trying to complete the school run before the gates close, you can always make it feel more like World Rally Championships by packing the kids into this Mitsubishi Evo VI — a car with considerably more Rally pedigree than your average Evo.

Motorsport pedigree is a key factor that can boost retail values, and models based on championship-winning rally cars are certainly in vogue. The value of Tommi Makinens has shot way ahead of standard Evo VIs, and red is most certainly the colour to have.

The 5 modern classic cars to invest in right now

Mitsubishi Evo Lancer VI Tommi Makinen Edition


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For a solid supercar: Porsche 996 Turbo S

The 5 modern classic cars to invest in right now

A twin-turbocharged 3.6-litre engine produces 444bhp and will get you from still to 60mph in 4.2 seconds. But you don’t need to know those stats and figures to recognise how incredible this car is. All you need to do is look at  the stunning curves that have immortalised the Porsche brand as what it is.

Following the booming values of air-cooled 911s, such cars have long since been unobtainable for many. The 996, however, still offers superb value for money with models such as the Turbo S providing extraordinary levels of performance. Of the limited number of Turbo S cars produced just 598 examples were coupés, and of these little over a hundred were in right-hand drive. 

The 5 modern classic cars to invest in right now

Porsche 996 Turbo S


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For a classic cruiser: Jaguar XJS V12

The 5 modern classic cars to invest in right now

If you have an iconic grand tour planned, or are hoping to embark on a road trip across Europe in the near future, this is by far the best choice for you. The soft top Grand Tourer from Jaguar signalled a move away from their usual sports cars of the late 80s as they took a more gentile approach to motoring. And it’s still as stately and majestic as ever.

The XJS is an excellent period cruiser and the V12 will always be the one to have, whether it’s a 5.3 or the rare 6-litre. For years, these cars have gone under the radar with many rotting away completely. They were built in large numbers but the opportunity to find low mileage, rust-free examples is increasingly difficult as prices for such cars are steadily creeping up. Coupe or Convertible, you’re on to a winner.

For a sporty coupe: BMW Z4M Coupe

The 5 modern classic cars to invest in right now

Only a handful of cars can be predicted to go up in value thanks to the success of earlier models of the same car. This BMW Z4M Coupe is one of them. The the model’s earlier iterations are now a highly sought after commodity, so it’s a safe bet that your returns will rise as the years roll on.

A grand total of just 1,052 right-hand drive Coupes were produced and there were even fewer Roadsters (just 921 in RHD). That being said, if the Z3M trend is anything to go by, Coupes should continue to demand a premium. 

For a reliable investment: Mercedes R129 SL500

The 5 modern classic cars to invest in right now

German cars are known for being the most reliable on the market. With highly consistent engineering standards, you always know what you’re going to get. It also means that if they keep making a range for over 50 years, as they have with the SL badge, then it is probably worth taking a look at.

The SL was first introduced to the world in the mid-fifties. Its proven track record of quality German engineering and design has meant that SLs are still produced to this day. The R129 was built from 1989-2002, and low mileage examples are becoming very sought after. Big engine R129s, such as the 5-litre V8, are a good solid choice, offering great performance and excellent investment potential.

The 5 modern classic cars to invest in right now

Mercedes R129 SL500


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