Fancy trying out a Tesla Model 3 right now? Here’s your chance…

Looking for a sustainable summer getaway? Virtuo is leading the charge in electric car rental; offering renewable roadtrips with the new Tesla Model 3…

Do you drive an electric car? Probably not. Despite the fact that these quick-charging, clean-running, planet-saving machines are our four-wheeled future, many of us have still never even road-tested one — much less take one on a road-trip. But we should. Because these sleek, silent motors make for electrifying rides — and their tech is just getting better and better.

So much better, in fact, that app-based car rental service Virtuo has just added fifty brand new Tesla Model 3 ‘Long Range’ models to its already-impressive fleet. Ready to whisk you away for a weekend (or longer), the new electric options from the on-demand hire brand have charged onto the rental scene at the ideal time — primed for a sun-soaked staycation amid all this warm weather. 

Because who wouldn’t want to get away this summer? Especially when, thanks to Virtuo’s forward-thinking, the brand has added a complimentary 150 miles per day to the rental of any Tesla Model 3. That means, as your rental is designed both for weekend escapes and longer trips away from the city, there are a whole lot of Great British possibilities to choose from. And, if you’re looking to roll out on an even longer roadtrip, you can keep the same car for up to three months.

There’s a slight surcharge if you opt for the Tesla option — Virtuo also offers two Mercedes models; the A-Class and the GLA — but a little extra money is surely worth it for Tesla’s worthy green credentials.

What’s more, you’ll save this money elsewhere. The Model 3 ‘Long Range’ cannot only run for over 380 miles on one charge, but it’s also free to recharge at thousands of Tesla charging points found across the British Isles. And, if that wasn’t enough, it’s also exempt from London’s congestion charge — meaning you’ll be free to escape the capital in any direction without fear of incurring extra charges.

The Tesla Model 3 is also incredibly easy to use. This particular model — slickly designed and ergonomic to operate — has all-wheel drive, performance brakes and 20-inch aero wheels to tackle even the furthest-flung terrain you might encounter. It’s fitted with an ‘Autopilot’ system and features including voice control and parking assist. What’s more, at those pioneering ‘Supercharger’ stations, you can recharge in just 30 minutes (while watching an episode of your favourite show on the in-built Netflix app).

And the Virtuo app is even easier to operate than the Tesla itself. Built to avoid queueing, hidden fees and unnecessary paperwork, the innovative brand has been revolutionising the car rental industry since 2015 — letting would-be drivers hire the perfect car on their own terms. The best part? Your phone is your key — with the Virtuo app handling everything from central locking and mileage counting to an attentive customer service chat feature.

You can even use your phone to scan for damage on the car — before and after your rental. Using this recently launched AI-powered system, you’ll be saved from any extra charges or overlooked bumps, nicks or scratches — leaving you free to enjoy your escape into the unexplored corners of Britain.

And there’s plenty to explore. From the best driving roads in the country to the finest five-star hotels Britain has to offer, there’s much to see this summer. And, with Virtuo leading the clean-energy charge with Tesla, there’s not a safer, more sustainable or flexible way to start your next staycation. 

Fancy trying out a Tesla Model 3 right now? Here’s your chance…

Tesla Model 3 with Virtuo

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