This Swedish sneaker brand wants to start a conversation

With a section of their site dedicated to inspiring interviews, CQP is no normal footwear brand

If you’ve never heard of a ‘mono-brand’, then here’s a quick catch up. These are the brands that only do one thing, but do it really, really well. Think Morgan Motors and low-slung sports cars. Think Rolex and luxury Swiss watches. Think Cutler & Gross and the finest eyewear.

And think CQP, the exciting minimalist trainer brand from Sweden’s capital, Stockholm. Keeping your feet snug and stylish since 2014, they are an example of mono-branding at its best. And, despite a couple more designs being released in the years past, the whole collection remains just seven strong.

This Swedish sneaker brand wants to start a conversation

The shoes range from smart sneakers to urban hikers

There are few occasions in the world of modern style where a trainer can’t pass muster. Even with suiting, men are more and more lacing up traditionally informal shoes over their classic Oxfords or Derby shoes — not that we agree with such styling. But CQP are an ideal jumping-on point for anyone looking for an all-purpose, versatile sneaker.

From the Tarmac, a quarter top sneaker with a supportive sole, to the the Grafite, a slip-on with an Italian suede upper, CQP have a strikingly diverse range of low top trainers for such a small collection. And that’s before we even get to the high tops, from the fine-detailed Flyback to the herringbone-soled Montem.

The brand was born from a passion for great design

CQP, who have a Stockholm showroom, was created with a focus on unique design and a desire to create outstanding products of the highest quality. Everything that bears the brand is designed entirely in-house in Sweden and crafted with care in Portugal.

And these designs go past the purely aesthetic. The suede uppers may be delicately designed, and decorated with patterning from upper stitching to featured panelling, but it’s the engineering of the shoes that sets them apart. Metal shanks for stability, VIBRAM soles for all-weather grip, removable inner soles — these are shoes built to work, not just look handsome (although they do that, too…)

CQP stands for Conversations & Quintessential Products

We’ve touched on the mono-brand’s stylish range of shoes, but half of their business has nothing to do with footwear. In an unusual step for a fashion brand, CQP have dedicated much of their online presence to an editorial section that introduces buyers to a cross-section of interesting, inspiring and impressive people.

The section, named Conversations, features interviews with people the brand admires from across the world. CQP wanted to show a way of communicating that could also act as a base for inspiration, discovery and new ideas. And, from free divers to fine artists, BMX riders to creative directors, they’ve curated a range of conversations as varied and worthy of your time as their footwear.

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