The most stylish sustainable sneakers for a smaller carbon footprint

We can all take steps to help the planet out. Why not look good and stay comfy while doing it?

Everyone is well aware that we are using up the valuable resources that our planet has at an alarming rate. The fashion industry is arguably one of the worst culprits, with fast fashion eating cotton and leather quicker than it can be grown or tanned.

With sustainability a real 2019 buzzword, we’re glad to see a few trainer brands out there jumping on the bandwagon, creating pairs of sneakers that you can help save the world in.

Here’s a look at some of the best brands doing their bit, one pair at a time.

The recycled Allbirds wool runners

You might presume that merino wool is only good for your finest sweaters but the sneaker heads at Allbrids decided it would also make a great, eco-friendly trainer. Specially milling their own material from superfine New Zealand merino wool, they not only create a soft, breathable trainer but the natural fibres are also far more friendly to the environment than producing a man-made material.

They also make 100 per cent recycled laces and use castor bean oil, which has a lower carbon footprint than the petroleum-based foams most brands use.

Allbirds wool runners


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The ethically sourced Yatay Neven Low

Everything you see on this trainer is either from a recycled material or made using eco-friendly methods. From heel to toecaps, nothing here is going to hurt the environment.

Yatay have even gone for the unique look of having Italian-woven hemp laces. They use less water than cotton to produce, create zero waste in the production process and the hemp plant even absorbs more CO2 than trees. So you’re helping clean the air just by going for a walk in these sneakers.

Yatay Neven Low


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The vintage-inspired Veja Esplar

While these might look like a pair of trainers you would find in a vintage store in Shoreditch, they are in fact the product of the ethical company Veja. Started in 2005, they’re dedicated to following each step of the production process so there is as little impact on the environment as possible.

The rubber soles on this model are made from sustainably sourced rubber and the leather for the upper is fully traceable, so the company know, and can reduce, the impact its production makes.

Veja Esplar


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The ocean-friendly Adidas Terrex boat DLX Parley

Millions of us love Adidas for its running, training and lifestyle trainers but now they have teamed up with charity organisation Parley for the Oceans to create these recycled trainers.

Using the charity’s structures already in place, Adidas have created a sneaker that is made from recycled plastics from seaside communities, stopping the waste before it reaches the sea.

Adidas Terrex boat DLX Parley


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The tree-planting Wado modelo ‘89

For every pair of trainers bought, Wado will plant two trees to help combat deforestation. With this incredible cause, it has already planted over 28,000 trees, restoring over 33 hectares of forest.

So when you slip on these retro inspired sneakers, you’ll know you’ve helped the planet get that little bit greener. They also use a leather tanning technique which allows the leather to biodegrade in an eco-friendly manner.

Wado modelo ‘89

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