How to survive the city heat like a gentleman

What to wear when there's not an inch of sea in sight...

Reconsider the fabrics you wear

If you’re wearing anything that resembles denim or thick cotton, more fool you. You need to make sure that you’re wearing the lightest material possible, and that you’re sticking to breathable fabrics such as linen or a cotton mix. Leave the cashmere, wool and thicker cottons at home, and let your body breath.

Don’t dismiss the suit

If you work anywhere that requires a suit, we feel for you. But there’s no point in just sitting there and complaining about it, because you ultimately have a choice – and that’s to invest in a seasonal suit. Think about it, it doesn’t make a huge amount of sense that you’re wearing the suit that serves you through an English January and February as you do during July and August. Leave the thick materials and dark colours behind for the summer, and start again.

Think about your footwear

They say that you retain the most heat from your head and your feet, which is why wearing a hat and a pair of this socks will instantly warm you up in the colder months. If you’re wearing thick leather that doesn’t let your feet breathe, you’re bound to end up in a hot mess. Think carefully about what you’re putting on your feet. Go for something that allows you to breathe and that you don’t have to wear a pair of socks with and we promise, it will make all the difference in the world

Up your game with the right accessories

If all else fails, or you just don’t have the budget to buy a full new work wardrobe for the season, help yourself up by upping the ante when it comes to the accessories you wear. Investing in a decent pair of sunglasses is one of the first steps to take, and the right ones will take you from work to any social event in serious style.

India Gladstone

India Gladstone

India is the Online Editor of Gentleman's Journal

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