Sail back in time aboard the restored superyacht Haida 1929

Delivering every modern amenity you could want on the waves — but with an added dose of 1930s glamour — we set sail on the jewel of Edmiston's charter fleet

When we use the word ‘timeless’ to describe a yacht, it doesn’t always call to mind luxury in abandon. Vintage styling, yes — but usually without the practicality of modern amenities or general dependability.

Haida 1929, however, is a new type of timeless. Seemingly plucked from the roaring twenties and dropped into the oceans of today, she may have been built in 1929 — but, after a dutiful and beautiful restoration at the prestigious Pendennis shipyard, relaunched in January of this year.

Thanks to her age, and faithful restoration, Haida 1929 is just as charming and packed full of character as she was almost 90 years ago.

Boarding the 70 metre craft is like taking a step back in time, with plenty of period pieces of furniture and artworks installe, alongside those all important modern amenities expected by any discerning yachtsman of the 21st century.

That means you get all the heritage, as well as a fully-equipped spa, gym equipment and wine cooler — as well as a few additional surprises hidden on board. They include 3 cinema areas with 80” screens, and even a barber shop to counter the effects of those strong sea breezes.

The interiors themselves, designed to evoke the golden age of sea travel when comfort and extravagance were king, were the creation of Adam Lay — who was keen to honour the yacht’s storied heritage.

Even the engines, not somewhere a guest would usually pay a visit to on a yacht, are museum worthy — and a real homage to the mechanics of the past. They are still the original; copper-plated behemoths are still running as smoothly as they did back in the Jazz age, and will keep you cruising at 10.5 knots all day long.

With room for 12 guests and 18 crew members, you can bring along friends and family and not one of you will ever be without a full drink in your hand.

That’s if you spend your time relaxing on deck. With water-toys including jet-skis, kayaks, wakeboards and inflatables — not to mention three tenders — you’ll likely while away the majority of your days on board in the water around Haida 1929.

So, if you’re keen to sail back into a golden age of boating, you can charter this incredible vessel in the Eastern and Western Med during the summer and the Caribbean during the winter.

Here at Gentleman’s Journal, we can’t get enough of her sleek lines and reverence to the days of sailing past. So, wherever you find yourself this summer, be sure to look out for the unmistakable masts against the horizon.

Haida 1929

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With special thanks to Luca Faloni, Frescobol Carioca, Vacheron Constantin and Bennett Winch.

Now you’ve found the perfect yacht, get ready to fill its wine cellar…

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