5 style Icons alive today and the perfect affordable Black Tie

The term style icon must not be thrown around lightly, and it must be reserved for those gentlemen who not only know, without fail, how to dress, but look immaculate when they do so too. Black tie has long been the choice of suit for high-end events, and what could be more high-end than movies premiers and award ceremonies. So we’ve decided to show you 5 of our favourite celebrity style icons alive today, who all look suitably dapper in their Black Tie outfits. Remember gentlemen, a Black Tie outfit is imperative for all, so we’ve also put together an affordable outfit of such high quality you’ll be rivaling the greats.

George Clooney

An old favourite of the sartorially gifted, George Clooney has been at the top of the black tie game for many years now. Ageing with true dignity, few pull off black tie as well as him.

George Clooney, The Gentleman's Journal

Ryan Gosling

The new bad-boy of the movie scene, Ryan Gosling has become an instant icon. Often pictured with Brando-esque styled coolness, Gosling also knows how to wear the black tie. As far as playful charm goes, Gosling is king.

Ryan Gosling The Gentleman's Journal

Robert Pattinson

One of our favourite young British actors, Robert Pattinson is well known for his smouldering looks, especially when dressed in black tie. Like a true British gent, Pattinson personifies the formal evening-wear perfectly.

Robert Pattinson The Gentleman's Journa

Jake Gyllenhaal

Always the mysterious, rugged character, Jake Gyllenhaal brings a certain masculinity to the black tie outfit. With a look that shows style with apparent indifference, he’s nailed how to look cool, and will do for many years.

Jake Gyllenhaal The Gentleman's Journal

Daniel Craig

And, of course, our old favourite and firmly established Bond superstar, Daniel Craig, is the style icon in black tie. Effortlessly suave and sophisticated, Craig’s iconic status knows no bounds.

Daniel Craig The Gentleman's Journal

The Outfit

And finally, when it comes to selecting your own black tie-wear, there are a few things to remember. Quality is key, but this doesn’t mean spending £5000 on a bespoke suit, inside try an off-the-peg outfit from a tailor, this way you’ll still get Savile Row heritage and craftsmanship, but at a fraction of the cost. You can also easily and inexpensively have it altered to fit wonderfully. Shoes are also a vital element to get right – black patent is the most traditional, but you can have a little fun with them too. Look for something individual, timeless and of high quality. And the last key element to the black-tie-wear is the bowtie, and there’s no need to go crazy here – a quality silk bowtie won’t cost much, but will make your overall look complete. Simply match with a quality white shirt and some cufflinks and you’re good to go. Enjoy your evenings, gentlemen; we’ll be sure to enjoy ours.

Black Tie Outfit The Gentleman's Journal

Gieves and Hawkes Tuxedo, £895Churches Oxford Brogues, £295Hackett Silk Bowtie, £40

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