gulfstream g700

Step on board the world’s largest private jet: the Gulfstream G700

With room for 19 passengers, a master suite with spa shower and circadian lighting system to combat jet lag, this is one impressive aircraft

Standing in a departure hall, holding a crumpled ticket in one hand and a rapidly cooling coffee in the other, we’ve probably all daydreamed about owning a private jet. Just imagine: you’d have complete travel freedom — the ability to up sticks and take off at the drop of a hat to almost anywhere in the world. You also wouldn’t have to contend with luggage restrictions, screaming children or that godawful plane food…

Alas, such daydreams tend to be just that; dreams. But, if your pockets are of the private jet-buying depth, we’ve got big news for you. Gulfstream’s latest private jet has just taken to the skies — and it’s the largest in the world. Bringing together ultra-long range, speed and performance, the G700 not only heralds a new era for the world’s best private jet manufacturer, but a new era for private jets in general.

The culmination of almost 14,000 hours of lab tests, Gulfstream’s latest slick jet is powered by two Rolls-Royce Pearl 700 engines and has the tallest, widest and longest cabin in the history of the industry. Want exact measurements? You’re looking at 57 feet long, over eight feet wide and over six feet tall. Yes, that’s bigger than our first flat as well.

It’s more luxurious, too. There’s a six-place dining room on board that can double as a conference space for any of those mile-high boardroom meetings — powered by the jet’s Connex Ka-band WiFi. Other luxuries include an LCD television, divan and master suite at the rear of the aircraft.

But the most impressive part of Gulfstream’s record-breaking jet is the ‘Circadian Lighting System’. This innovation allows the passengers to use their mobile devices to dynamically light the cabin, simulating sunrises, sunsets and everything in-between to combat jet lag. It’s a nifty trick.

In fact, throw any number of timezone crossings at the G700 and it’ll perform handsomely. All seats can be transformed into beds — the jet flies up to 19 passengers — and the master suite has optional add-ons including a master bath, spa shower and wardrobe closet.

Adorning the sides of the jet there are 20 panoramic windows — also the largest in the industry — so you can keep a good eye on your flight plan. Inside, you’ll find the industry’s lowest cabin altitude, 100 percent fresh air and a whisper-quiet cabin — wellness-boosting additions by Gulfstream.

So, if you’re looking to invest in a new private jet, why not join Qatar Airways in their choice — the airline have just put in an order for 10 of Gulfstream’s shiny new aircraft. And, if your bank balance isn’t quite sky high enough just yet, it’s time to get departure terminal daydreaming with the rest of us…

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