Step aboard Planet Nine, the adventurer’s dream superyacht

With a helipad, large selection of tenders and groundbreaking mix of technology and luxury, this unrivalled yacht is available for charter through Edmiston

Every modern gentleman would like, in his bolder moments, to be James Bond. The globetrotting lifestyle, the debonair bone structure, the punch of the one-liner. But, above all, the spirit of exploration — the impulse to tear off towards the horizon and into some unseen adventure and unknown country. Fleming’s world is a work of fiction, of course.

But, on one 73m stretch of brilliance, floating somewhere in the Cote d’Azur (or in the Norwegian fjords, or off the shore of some distant atoll, or in the thick of the Bermuda Triangle) this adventurer’s dream can become a reality. 

A truly groundbreaking mix of technology and luxury

Planet Nine is in a class of its very own. The spectacular new vessel, available to charter through Edmiston, is perhaps the most advanced explorer yacht in the world — a truly groundbreaking mix of technology, luxury and steely-eyed purpose.

Just a few hours in her company is enough to convince you that you, too, could be Brosnan, or Connery, or Moore (or Dalton, if you’re so inclined — I always thought he was rather good.) Stay a few days, however, and even 007 begins to look a bit soft around the edges.

"The spectacular new vessel, available to charter through Edmiston, is perhaps the most advanced explorer yacht in the world..."

With her naval-inspired styling and formidable exterior details, Planet Nine’s silhouette is truly cinematic. The sleek and powerful front nose, spiked like an eagle, looks as though it could slice through icebergs — a blockbusting power countered by the elegance of the vessel in full flight.

The interior, meanwhile, comes courtesy of world-renowned designers Mlinaric, Henry & Zervudachi Ltd., ensuring that every aspect of modern superyacht luxury is elegantly catered for.

What’s in store aboard Planet Nine?

A future classic of exploration and adventure, Planet Nine is at home in the remotest of destinations and the harshest of environments.

Perfectly calibrated for the itchy-footed globetrotter, her 20-strong crew have been chosen specifically for their knowledge in trekking, diving, fitness and climbing. (They probably won’t be able to help you surf into North Korea à la Pierce Brosnan in Die Another Day, but that’s due more to the current political climate than any inexperience.)

Accommodation is provided for 12 guests across 8 cabins comprised of one master, one VIP, one twin and 5 double suites. This is escapism incarnate. A forward observation lounge offers panoramic 180-degree views, while each room is clad in the finest and most elegant fixtures on the seven seas.

Oak wood fixtures pair with fine detailing and striking contemporary art to give a sophisticated, modern atmosphere, while the suites are at once vast and secluded.

The tenders and toys are second to none

Planet Nine’s selection of tenders and toys, meanwhile, has more high-concept gadgets than Q’s lair, and is dizzying in its possibilities. The yachts lower decks are an Aladdin’s cave of off-piste equipment and all-terrain transport — mountain bikes and jet skis line up alongside sea bobs and climbing ropes; skis and snowboards jostle for attention among diving gear and kite surfs.

The pick of the bunch, though, are the three custom-built Rupert Marine ribs, each packing Volvo stern drive engines with dual props. Designed for extreme conditions, these ribs bounce and scuttle across the surf with grace and ease, dispatching their drivers to whichever far-flung corner of the craggy coast they desire.

This inventory is wonderfully empowering — it feels as though one could launch a spectacular siege on some villainous island lair and still be back in time for rose and a spot of twilight trampolining.

Take off from the on-board helipad

Planet Nine is also one of the very few yachts that can boast a commercially-approved helideck. When not housing the custom MD 902 helicopter (a model favoured, it should be said, by the DEA in the United States and rescue pilots worldwide) the helipad can transform itself into a basketball/volleyball court or an outdoor cinema — ideal for a deep dive into the oft-overlooked cinematic classic On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. Your very own chopper can be used for further trailblazing exploration or effortless transit to and from the mainland.

Planet Nine is the only yacht for the truly bold and intrepid — it goes where others can’t, and lives like others scarcely dare to. For explorers of every stripe, there is no substitute. Bond be damned — Planet Nine is an icon unto itself.

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