These royal family-approved fragrances will level up your scent game

From Penhaligon's to Floris, we've spritzed up the fragrances and aftershaves said to be most beloved by the royal family...

Despite social media bringing us closer than ever to the world’s elite — with snaps of the new James Bond or the celebrities who graced the hallowed halls of the Met Gala available at just the swipe of a phone screen — the royals maintain an elusive, unattainable status.

But, while we don't know what's going on behind closed doors, there are a few things we do know about the royal family. What cars they drive. What designers they favour. And, importantly, what they smell like.

We've done some digging and found out which fragrances the members of the royal family favour...

King Charles III opts for Creed

Let’s be honest: who isn’t partial to Creed? We certainly are; and Creed has been a favourite with the royals over the centuries. It was based in England for approximately 90 years, during which time it was issued with a Royal Warrant from none other than Queen Victoria herself: for whom the renowned House made the exquisitely named Fleurs de Bulgarie. The company relocated permanently to Paris during the 1850s at the request of Empress Eugenie, wife to Napoleon III — and continues to be a favourite with royals the world over.

And we can well believe it: it was recently reported that the heir to the throne prefers Creed above all other fragrances: specifically, a particular cologne of the name ‘Green Irish Tweed’.

As fragrances go, this one really takes the perfumed biscuit. It’s inspired by the iconic gentleman, and evokes connotations of lush green countryside, freshly cut grass and invigorating sea breezes: making it fresh and woody in equal measure. With top notes of lemon and peppermint, a breathtaking heart of violet and intriguing base notes of sandalwood and ambergris, this is a fragrance after every gentleman’s heart.

Creed Green Irish Tweed

Creed Green Irish Tweed


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The Prince of Wales gets down with Penhaligon’s

Where the Prince of Wales is concerned, it’s a little less clear which fragrance he opts for above all others. We understand; after all, a gentleman’s grooming routine is an intimate business. But one name that repeatedly crops up in connection with the Prince is Penhaligon’s: specifically, the Blenheim Bouquet.

It’s not surprising, really; after all, Penhaligon’s is a Royal Warrant Holder, which dates back to 1903 when it was issued its first Royal Warrant by Queen Alexandra (its second was issued by the Duke of Edinburgh, in 1956, and its third by the Prince of Wales in 1988). The Blenheim Bouquet, too, has a long and hallowed history — the eau de toilette was originally commissioned for the ninth Duke of Marlborough in 1902.

Whether or not the rumours are true concerning the Prince of Wales and the iconic Blenheim Bouquet, this is undoubtedly a brand much beloved by the royals. The fragrance itself comes delightfully packaged in an exquisite miniature flask — much like the very best gin — and with sharp, zesty scents of lemon, black pepper and pine, it’s a fragrance to keep you fresh all through the summer (and beyond).

Penhaligon's Blenheim Bouquet

Penhaligon's Blenheim Bouquet


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The royal family loves Floris

It’s no secret that Floris has long been a royal favourite (and a 007 favourite, too, as immortalised in the pages of Diamonds are Forever, when “bath essence from Floris” was listed on a certain to-do list…). Receiving its first Royal Warrant from King George IV in 1820, it’s currently a Perfumer to the Queen and a Manufacturer of Toilet Preparations to the Prince of Wales.

And, of course, who could forget the bespoke unisex scent created exclusively for the Royal Wedding in 2018? While the scent was part of Floris’s private collection (and thus not available to the public; sorry, gents), the fragrance dedicated to the union of Duke and Duchess of Sussex was based on the existing Bergamotto di Positano; and that scent, we’re happy to report, is fully available to purchase.

In short, it’s the perfect scent for summer, with strong associations of the exquisite warmth of a Mediterranean sea breeze. With top notes of rich mandarin and warm marine hints, a heart of orange blossom and vanilla, and a sturdy base of amber, wood and ginger: this is a fragrance fit for a king if ever there was one.


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D.R. Harris is a brand with outstanding royal credentials

That’s right: heritage brand D.R. Harris is another royal favourite, with its first Royal Warrant arriving in 1938 (the other two followed in 2002 and 2012). Currently, they maintain a splendid residence as specialists in traditional gentleman’s grooming products on St. James’s Street, and enjoy a happy status as a Pharmacist to the Queen and a Chemist to the Prince of Wales.

While it’s not clear exactly which products have been given the royal treatment, this is certainly a brand on whom royal favour has been continuously bestowed. And as far as aftershaves are concerned, there are seemingly endless options to choose from.

We’ve got our eye on the Windsor variation: with citrus overtones of zesty orange and soft bergamot, it gradually matures into a rich, leathery scent with strong notes of black pepper, amber, cedarwood and vanilla.

D.R. Harris Windsor Eau de Toilette

D.R. Harris Windsor Eau de Toilette


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