Richard Biedul launches his debut capsule collection

We take a look at the model’s first collaboration with King & Tuckfield

As one of the most recognisable faces in the fashion world, Richard Biedul’s style is much-mimicked. From beanie hats to splayed collars, the 34-year-old has influenced trends and fashions both on and off the runway, and has now turned his talent to his own capsule collection.

Richard Biedul launches his debut capsule collection

Biedul’s debut capsule, designed in partnership with modern, elegant clothing brand King & Tuckfield, has a heavy focus on British heritage. The brand’s founder, Stacey Wood, founded King & Tuckfield just 3 years ago, shares Biedul’s love of traditional cuts and styles, and hopes that the garments created by the model will one day become family heirlooms.

Richard Biedul launches his debut capsule collection

The capsule itself is an exploration into mid-century materials and styles, from roll-necks to high-waisted trousers. It’s a look that has flown straight out of the lookbooks of 1940s Britain, and a style that Biedul has been championing for quite some time. The high-waisted trousers, with wide-cut legs and traditional pleats are a Biedul staple, and will help to create an incredibly timeless silhouette.

"We've created an off-duty uniform…"

Of course, the inspiration may be in the past, but the partnership has eyes on the future, with modern styles such as fitted t-shirts and polos also part of the contemporary collection. Materials from double-dipped indigo denim to merino wool from New Zealand are used to construct the pieces; fabrics that will not just stand the test of time, but actually improve with age.

The omission of formal pieces, such as suiting or ties, may seem strange, but Biedul was keen to keen his capsule as versatile as possible. Any one of the pieces can be paired with another, and employed in a casual or smart scenario. It’s a wardrobe that works with daily life, while injecting a little heritage for good measure.

And the collection’s popularity has already been proven, with the Merino Vanilla Pocket T-shirt already selling out.

Richard Biedul launches his debut capsule collection

So, if you’re looking for some new super-versatile, reliable and stylish staples, this is the capsule for you. And it’s a good thing that the hardy materials will ensure longevity — as you’ll want to wear these pieces for years to come…

Richard Biedul launches his debut capsule collection

Richard Biedul x King & Tuckfield

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