If President Trump quits Twitter it will be a loss for politics

Betting odds suggest the King of twits going to leave the social media network that got him elected

Although we are fewer than 200 days into President Donald Trump’s administration, it’s already safe to say that this time will come to be known as the “Twitter Presidency”. 

By the end of his 2016 campaign Trump was both one of the biggest players in modern politics and the undisputed King of Twitter, with 33 million followers helping him to take power of the US government.

Most recently Trump’s Twitter account cause a stir after he retweeted a mocked up video taken from his appearance on WWE wrestling, appearing to show him striking a man whose face has been obscured using a CNN logo after Trump had attacked the news company for peddling fake news. 

But despite the fact that his social media account contributed enormously to his successful election, Betway have suggested that The Donald might be the next high profile celebrity to abandon Twitter. The claim comes after Glastonbury headliner Ed Sheeran decided he would split from the social media giant.

Betway’s Alan Alger explains that Trump’s odds of leaving Twitter are currently 6/4, adding, ‘Ed Sheeran’s move to leave Twitter has sparked rumours over who may follow him and Donald Trump looks the obvious bet at 6/4.

If President Trump quits Twitter it will be a loss for politics

‘The President has come under criticism for the way he uses social media to launch attacks on reporters, companies and anyone else who dares to cross his path and the betting suggests he could be ready to switch off.’

Betway have also list former footballer Gary Lineker, journalist Piers Morgan, and singer Harry Styles as the public figures most likely to quit Twitter. The complete list includes:

  • Donald Trump – 6/4
  • Gary Lineker – 8/1
  • Piers Morgan – 10/1
  • Louis Tomlinson – 10/1
  • Harry Styles – 10/1
  • Adele – 14/1
  • Katy Perry – 14/1
  • Justin Bieber – 16/1
  • Lord Sugar – 16/1
  • Taylor Swift – 16/1
  • Barack Obama – 20/1
  • Cristiano Ronaldo – 20/1
  • LeBron James – 20/1
  • Rihanna – 20/1

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