As the last of the great 911s, this Porsche is a new classic

With optional extras galore and a chic monochrome colour scheme, this 21-year-old motor has just ticked over into the classic car category

According to the majority of car insurers, your car becomes a classic when it’s been running, revving and rolling for over twenty years. Those two decades deem it enough of a icon to be dubbed classic. Of course, there are exceptions to the rule, but we’d argue that this car — which, at 21, can now be classed a classic  — was pretty special all along.

As the last of the great 911s, this Porsche is a new classic

The Porsche 993 marked the final time that the German carmaker’s Zuffenhausen factory installed an air-cooled engine into their iconic sports car — after establishing the tradition over 30 years earlier in 1964. As such, this car could be viewed as the last true 911 — and if that’s not worth celebrating, we don’t know what is.

This particular model was delivered to its first owner in 1997, and has covered a staggeringly low 18,594 in the 21 years since. In ‘Glacier White’ and boasting a chic black leather interior, it’s a monochrome monster of motoring, and a nigh-on perfect example of an already stunning car.

We’re talking extras from side air intakes to a full rear wing, which affords the Porsche extra downforce and cooling for an engine tooled up to take you from 0-60mph in just 3.9 seconds.

It’s that rarest of beasts: A new classic that looks as if it could have rolled off the production line yesterday. But it’s not the bold styling or enviable engine that has drawn us to this impeccable car.

Instead, it’s the simple hints of red throughout the simple black-and-white design. That rear light bar and those cherry red brake callipers, winking out from behind 18-inch alloys — subtle, sophisticated and very, very sexy.

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