The Pick: The subtle bracelet for the modern man

The gunmetal cube bracelet, by Baxter & Baxter, is made from natural gemstones - which means that no two pieces are the same

Bracelets are no longer just for gap-year teenagers. They can now be a statement of style. Look no further than Baxter & Baxter – a timeless accessory brand founded in 2015 by Alexander James Baxter, a modern gentleman with an unrivalled dedication to quality and artisanal excellence.

Based in the historical market town of Woodbridge, Suffolk – an area of outstanding natural beauty which inspires the brand’s passion and creativity – Baxter & Baxter believe that the details of your outfit are a great way to express personality and taste. They both understand the importance of individuality and independence, and give the modern gentleman an opportunity to express his own personality and individuality.

To these ends, the Gunmetal Cube bracelet is both unique and sophisticated. With a hint of the casual about it, it’ll also work as an accessory to formalwear – adding interest and individualism to an outfit. Classic and timeless with a contemporary twist, or so says Baxter & Baxter’s mantra, and we couldn’t agree more.  All of the brand’s bracelets and lapel pins are delicately assembled by hand in England., where they are proud to work with skilled artisans who are truly masters of their craft.

Constructed from high quality sterling silver & semi-precious gemstones, this bracelet of 6mm Larvikite beads is available in three sizes and, being natural products, the gemstones are natural products so colours may differ slightly from the colour in the image – taking the individualism to a whole new level.

The Pick: The subtle bracelet for the modern man

Gunmetal 'Signature' Cube Bracelet


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