The Pick: The elemental scent inspired by strength

Issey Miyake draw on the the influence of the ocean for L’Eau Majeure

The strength of water. The tumult of waves. These are the inspirations behind L’Eau Majeure d’Issey – the latest scent by Japanese fashion house Issey Miyake. Miyake always takes concepts and symbols and imbues his products with these powerful ideas – and his latest inspiration is water.

Water, Miyake attests, is primordial, essential and elemental. As one of the principals of creation, and something that fashions matter by its perpetual motion, it is a pure element that can polish a piece of wood, stone of glass to perfection. As such, Miyake has decided to use water as the cornerstone of this latest scent – a fragrance used to polish the individual, the final spritz to finish any outfit or presentation.

The Pick: The elemental scent inspired by strength

The iconic lines of the previous bottles in the L’Eau collection – designed by Todd Bracher – are revisited in the striking new bottle, a contemporary interpretation of the architectural silhouette of packaging past. Sculpted by tumultuous waters, the shape of the bottle is as polished as seas glass. Its translucence emphasises its powerful likes and the subtle blue-grey of the lacquered base highlight’s the smooth body of the scent.

Not only that, a brushed metal cap recalls the texture of moving water. But what really matters is inside – the scent evokes driftwood and the power of the ocean with an accord of salt and wood. And, like sunlight caught on the crest of a wave, radiant bergamot and grapefruit add sparkle to bracing aromatic notes. An onshore wind blows sea-spray on an innovative wood note, suggested with salt and minerals. Vibrant, ambery and potent, this is the New Wave aquatic scent every man should try.

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