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How to pick the right sunglasses for your face shape

Because one small tweak can make all the difference

Sunglasses are one of the most difficult accessories to get right; the trickiest part being that far too many men go for a pair that they think is cool rather than one that actually suits them. There are lot of options out there to consider, and unfortunately it’s not always as simple as going into a shop and buying the first pair you see. Sunglasses need to be treated with as much due care and attention as you would spend on a suit or pair of shoes. There’s also the all important question of budget. You can spend well over £500 on a pair of sunglasses, but that doesn’t automatically make them decent. Equally, you can go into the nearest shop on the high street and spend £10 on a pair that may look alright, but will last you a month at most. Spend the right amount of time, money and effort choosing a pair of sunglasses that actually suit and fit you – and we promise you won’t regret it.

Taylor Morris

Taylor Morris is the brand of the moment and one that’s broken into the sunglasses world with a bang – no easy feat, that’s for sure. Founded in 2013 by two friends with a mutual passion for style and, more specifically, eyewear, the brand offers a serious range of fantastic sunglasses for every occasion. Hugo Taylor, one of the founders of the company, says:

“Finding your perfect frame shape is just as important as finding the correct fit of jean or the correct shape suit jacket. You want to highlight your best features, accentuate your face shape and complement your skin colouration. Remember you are covering your eyes, widely regarded as the most important feature when it comes to attraction. However a cool pair of shades can do a lot when it comes to endearing yourself to the opposite (or same, depending on how you roll) sex. Sunglasses say a lot about who you are. If one is going to hide the natural beauty of the eyes then do it well.

At Taylor Morris we are passionate about helping you find your perfect frame shape. These are the sunglasses I recommend depending on your face shape:”

We first discovered Cubitts a few years ago and were instantly hooked. The brand offers seriously stylish sunglasses at a fantastic price point – which is somewhat surprising, given the care and dedication that goes into creating each and every pair. Both the sunglasses and the glasses are totally handmade with a production period of 6 weeks; so you know they are going to last you a long time. On the importance of finding the right frame for your face, Tom Broughton, the founder of Cubitts told us:

“The general rule is to offset the geometry of your face. For example, if you have a round face, you generally don’t want to accentuate that with a round frame, so go for something more angular. If you want to reduce the visual appearance of a large forehead or receding hairline, think about a frame with thicker rims, lugs or stronger key-hole bridge (which draws attention towards the middle of your face).

More important in my opinion is fit, particularly around the bridge of your nose, and at your ears. The most beautiful frame in the world will look terrible if it doesn’t fit properly. Some ‘fitting’ adjustments can be made to a frame, but you need to choose sizing which works for you.”

Warby Parker is an American brand that was born out of frustration due to a lack of affordable and stylish glasses. Every single item is designed in-house in New York, and each pair is made with the best and highest quality materials that money can buy; and when we say stylish – we mean stylish. Another unique element of Warby Parker is that they have created a totally socially conscious business: 1 billion people in the world need glasses but don’t have access to them, which is a pretty shocking statistic by any standard. So for every pair of glasses sold, a pair is given to someone in need. They also understand the importance of getting it right and their Co-Founder and Co-CEO, Neil Blumenthal says:

“A rule of thumb is juxtaposition. Pick a frame shape that opposes your face shape to balance it out. A strong, distinct square shape works best for a round face, while a rounder shape with a softer edge compliments a more square face. The ultimate rule, though, is to go with a pair that makes you feel good and comfortable.”

There’s no denying the incredible pull of an iconic brand like Cutler & Gross, who burst onto the scene in 1969 and although they started out as opticians, they have now created one of the most sought after and fashionable glasses and sunglasses brands in the world. And their fans come far and wide, too, travelling large distances to visit the brand’s iconic Knightsbridge shop and to see their dedicated Cutler & Gross museum, which sits of the top floor of this very store. Design director at Cutler & Gross, Marie Wilkinson, and a woman who undoubtedly knows her stuff, offers the following advice for each face shape.

Round faces tend to be fairly equal in depth and width, with no pronounced jaw line so lend themselves to beautiful boxy and geometric shapes.

Consider 1980’s style frames which are more deep than wide; this will create a balance with rounder features and will make the face appear slimmer. The 1205 Blue Cowboy sunglass fits the bill perfectly. The frame should be wider than the widest part of your face and the subtle angles concentrated on the brow line.

Square faces are characterised by a strong jaw line which can be softened with rounded frames. Consider a narrow rounded oval shape which sits high on the face; our 1206 Gimlet sunglass carries a gentle curve to bring out the ideal balance, especially if you have a beard.

Oval faces suit many styles with the widest point on their face positioned 2/3 on the face. The key is to ensure the glasses fit central on your face and follow the brow line perfectly. 1198 Cosmopolitan would be a good candidate because it comes with metal nose pads that allow the frame fitting height to be adjusted perfectly.

Those with heart shape faces by which I mean a wide forehead and cheekbones and a narrow jaw, are the most fortunate. Those cheekbones can be further emphasised to create a balance between the forehead and chin by throwing the attention to the top of the face, our 1199 Black Russian is the perfect solution.

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