Is this the future of handwriting?

A technological leap forward for the world’s finest writing instruments

Thanks to the latest technological advances made by Montblanc, you may very well start writing on paper, but now you can continue anywhere. Montblanc’s new Augmented paper digitally converts handwritten notes and stores them on a specially designed app.

For just £530, Augmented Paper comes with an elegant leather envelop organiser, notebook, and specifically designed StarWalker writing instrument. In addition to the hardware you also receive Montblanc Hub, an app made to organise all your Augmented Paper content.

Is this the future of handwriting?

The envelope is made of elegant black Italian leather which has a soft tactile feel. Hidden within the envelope is the electronic digitiser, technology which uses electromagnetic signals to identify the specialised nibs you use to write. An adapted StarWalker writing instrument accompanies the Augmented paper and has been specially crafted to include custom-made technology to be exclusively used for this new product.


With Augmented Paper, handwritten notes and sketches can be transferred straight to a mobile device or tablet at just the press of a button. Once on the device, all of your notes, doodles, and content can be easily edited and shared. It can even be translated into digital text with some of the best-in-class handwriting recognition for 12 languages including English, German, Russian, Spanish, Italian and Chinese.

Is this the future of handwriting?

Montblanc Augmented Paper Black really shows that they are committed to continuously reinventing the writing experience. It is exclusively available worldwide from Harrods, 2nd Floor, The Great Writing Room from September 22nd 2016, followed by a Special Harrods Edition making its debut on October 1st 2016. From October 2016 it will be available in Europe, the United States, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong and Korea, and from November 2016 in China, Japan, Taiwan, Mexico and UAE.

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