My Perfect Weekend: George Bamford

From pajamas to pancakes, the founder and CEO of Bamford Watch Department shares his perfect weekend

George Bamford doesn’t have a lot of time on his hands. On his wrist, perhaps – as the founder of Bamford Watch Department, the astute businessman customises bespoke timepieces for a living – but in his wider life, the 35-year old entrepreneur’s days find him behind either his desk, or the wheel of the many vintage cars he collects. But how does George Bamford spend his weekends?

What would we normally find you doing on a Saturday afternoon?

On a Saturday afternoon you would find me in the countryside with my family either going for a run as I have 3 or 4 great routes. Or I might be on my Bamford Bicycle enjoying the countryside or taking a car out for a spin.

If the weather is sunny and perfect in London, what will you be up to?

I would be doing everything I could to get out of London and to the countryside to enjoy a nice sunny drive with my family. I love picnics and cooking for my family or relaxing over a BBQ with friends.

My Perfect Weekend: George Bamford

If you have friends or family visiting London, what’s the first place you’ll take them?

Dover Street Market is always one of the best places to visit but I also find out what is happening in London and depending whether the friends have kids and what time of year it is, there are always great things in London. From exhibitions to launches and great new restaurants there is always so much to enjoy.

What are some of your favourite weekend things to do?

I love exploring in the car, relaxing with friends and spending time with my children. We make bread and have wonderful down time which gives time to assess the past week and reset for the next.

What are 3 traits of a gentleman?

Integrity, respect and style.

My Perfect Weekend: George Bamford

What are your top 3 style tips for gentlemen?

I always say that it doesn’t matter what you wear as long as you put it on feeling strong about your choices and add great accessories such as a favourite watch and trainers. If it is a tie you are wearing, make it unique and do what makes you comfortable such as trainers with a suit.

What are you likely to do if it’s a rainy weekend?

I would watch some great old movies especially anything with Steve McQueen in it. I also still like running in the rain and coming back to a warm bath to use the Bamford Grooming shampoo and body wash.

What’s your favourite pub to visit on the weekend?

The Wild Rabbit in Kingham in the Cotswolds.

My Perfect Weekend: George Bamford

What’s your favourite car to drive on the weekend in the countryside?

At the moment I am really enjoying my lightweight Land Rover.

Where did you go for your last weekend getaway?

I went to the Monza Grand Prix. God it was wonderful and fun.

What watch will you choose to wear this weekend?

I have got a beautiful vintage TAG Heuer Bund on a leather nato strap and I feel like that is my fun watch for the weekend.

My Perfect Weekend: George Bamford

Where do you travel to find inspiration?

Japan is always somewhere I get inspired by but I think you can find inspiration anywhere. I have been more UK based recently and I am finding inspiration in the shops and experiences I am having with friends. Wherever you are, if you are open to creativity, you can find it.

What are your favourite things to do on a Sunday morning?

I make pancakes for my kids. This is the ultimate ritual which we brought back with us from a visit to the States. I love this and probably guiltily, staying in my pyjamas for longer than I should.

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