Paragon Studio creates the best gym equipment in the world. Here’s why.

From punchbags to benches, we take a look at the beautiful range of handcrafted, sustainable, luxury gym equipment...

It’s an age-old dilemma; beauty or practicality? For too long, we’ve laboured under false pretences — believing that we need to choose between the two. But that’s not the case, especially when it comes to the handcrafted, sustainable, luxury gym equipment of Paragon Studio.

Because Paragon Studio has combined both qualities into one muscle-pumping, body-toning package. The brand has perfected the practicality and ergonomics of exercise equipment, while simultaneously creating a range of gear more attractive than most of the furniture already in your home. It’s a neat trick; and one that elevates this gym kit well above any others.

All carefully crafted from sustainable materials, each bit of kit is better than the last. Exemplifying the brand motto of ‘form follows function’, all of Paragon Studio’s products meet the highest standards of quality whilst boasting unparalleled design aesthetics.

And we’ve always been of the mentality that, if you’re going to do something, you should do it properly. And investing in your well-being with good gym equipment is something that will pay dividends for years to come.

The bespoke touch goes a long way

Just as every house and client is unique, so Paragon Studio believes firmly in a bespoke approach to gym equipment. The only British company to offer customisable gym products using sustainable, natural materials, no request is too big or too complicated for the South West-based team to deal with.

The range includes wall bars, benches, weight racks and dumbbells, and Paragon Studio are able to customise your gym equipment with monograms or logos whilst matching materials throughout the rest of the space. When designing home gyms, Paragon Studio can incorporate the same colours, finishes, materials and handle patterns used in the rest of the house, ensuring the gym becomes an extension of the rest of the scheme.

Sustainability is a key watchword

The entirely plastic-free collection is manufactured in the UK. Every product is made to order, which reduces wastage and surplus stock. Furthermore, Paragon Studio offers both a lifetime warranty for mechanisms and structural integrity, and a full refurbishment service to ensure your equipment remains as good as new despite frequent use.

The wood and steel used in the manufacturing of the equipment is sustainable, with the wood being FSC Certified and sourced locally where possible. Wood also has naturally antibacterial qualities, and whilst walnut and oak are the most popular, all products can be customised with any wood if required. The stainless steel can be optionally sourced from recycled steel billets and is resistant to corrosion. Alternatively, the steel can be replaced with bronze for an even more glamorous look.

Design is key to the brand's success

The company has experienced significant growth over the past year due to the pandemic preventing people from travelling to gyms, but they haven’t compromised on quality.

When it comes to designing whole home gyms, Chris Lane, lead product designer at Paragon Studio, says “We speak with our clients, and will travel to meet them if possible, to look at the space and their demands. We want the gym to be as aesthetically advanced as the kit, so we work with interior designers and architects, and guide the client from initial consultation through to installation.”

It’s clear that Paragon Studio’s bespoke, design-led, sustainable gym equipment is by far the most decadent out there. So whether you’re converting the old stables or digging out an iceberg basement in your London townhouse, consider kitting out your new home gym with Paragon Studio’s gear for the real luxe look.

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