Panerai British Classic Week once again proves it’s an event not to be missed

With the latest annual Panerai British Classic Week came breathtaking boats, incredible sailing and some enviable prizes

If there’s one place you’re likely to find a classic yacht and watch aficionado, then it’s Panerai British Classic Week. Last month in Cowes, on the Isle of Wight, we saw more classic yachts than we thought possible in one place. And, as they fielded races across a boatload of classifications, we also saw our fair share of luxury Panerai timepieces which were on display.

The timepieces’ intricate design and craftsmanship complements the sweeping lines and meticulous engineering of the classic yachts and these watches are, of course, at home on the water — Panerai have been creating innovative and impressive diving watches for decades.

"Panerai have been creating innovative and impressive diving watches for decades..."

The watchmaker has been supporting the classic yacht regatta on Britain’s south coast for many years, and has pulled a real social aspect on board proceedings. And, as the leading international circuit for classic and vintage yachts, Cowes is the only chance for Brits to experience a glorious week of sailing on home turf — or should that be sea?

Thankfully, we weren’t blessed with the usual Great British summer weather, and instead the sun beat down on us all week long. As such, fantastic sailing kept us gripped from start to finish of the event.

One prize, however, was decided not on the waves, but behind-the-scenes. The Panerai Challenger Trophy is an award given to a young sailor in the UK who has overcome social or economic challenges to become an active member of the yachting community. It is a celebration of dedication and overcoming hardship — so where better to present the award than the capital of Britain’s sailing society?

This year, the award went to the very deserving 18-year-old, Nicola Stockdale, from Manchester. With a prize of £5,000 to support her individual sailing ambitions, her club also received a further £10,000 to help encourage more young sailors follow in her footsteps.

And Stockdale is more than deserving. She has worked at her local sailing club every Saturday for the past two years, and has clocked in more than 500 hours in total, helping out other young sailors whilst studying hard for her A-Levels.

Panerai have long been champions of such dedication, and their continued support of events such as the Panerai British Classic Week and awards like the Challenger Trophy stand to prove that the yachting community has benefited no end from the watchmaker’s support. And, after the latest thrilling Panerai British Classic Week, we hope it’s a partnership with many (nautical) miles left to go…

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