Shot on OPPO Reno 5G

Heading to Wimbledon this year? Here’s how to ace your (camera) shots…

Did you even get a seat on Centre Court if you didn’t capture the experience in HD?

Wimbledon might be considered the world’s most customary sporting event. Steeped in unbroken traditions dictating everything from the player’s attire (all-white everything), to the quintessential spectator snack (up to 28,000kg of strawberries and over 7,000 litres of cream are consumed by fans each year), have remained unchanged in the tournament’s 125 year history.

This year, however, in a marked move away from tradition — the world’s most significant tennis championship is being officially captured on a smartphone.

wimbledon oppo
Shot on OPPO Reno 5G

If you aren’t currently aware of OPPO and their smartphones, then you soon will be. The Chinese brand is at the forefront of producing phones compatible with the UK’s nascent 5G network, and has acknowledged that a world-class camera is a crucial in garnering consumer interest.

This year it has partnered with Wimbledon, taking the tournament’s official photographer Jed Leicester with capturing the games using only OPPO’s Reno 5G smartphone. So how exactly do you get the best shots of summer’s sporting events if all you have is a smartphone? Here are Leicester’s expert tips…

Sharing on social? Choose your vantage point carefully…

There are as many as 39,000 spectators within the Wimbledon grounds at any point across the fortnight – and many of the UK’s other top sporting events are just as well attended. Consequently, if you’re going to share your experience with your social media followers — be that from your vantage point on Murray Mount, or front row seats at Centre Court — it’ll take a lot to make your photos stand out from the crowd. 

wimbledon 2019
Shot on OPPO Reno 5G

For those heading to Wimbledon, Jed has devised a bespoke map for those lucky enough to have secured tickets this year. Top vantage points for 2019 include the view from Court 18, The Balcony on Finals Day, and the view of Court 7. For alternative, behind-the scenes shots, a capture of the day’s Order of Play Boards are sure to make your followers lawn-green with envy. And, for the humble-bragger, a shot of the Fred Perry statue will instantly let your friends know where you are, without having to labour over a smug caption.

Whatever event you’re attending, scope out your surroundings on arrival. Easily identifiable landmarks and high vantage points for sweeping panoramas will guarantee successful shots.

Technical tips for acing the shot…

Jed Leicester has been photographing Wimbledon for 20 years, and can now confidently claim to know “every shot, every camera trick and where all the best angles are” across the grounds. The opportunity to tackle the fresh challenge of capturing his photographs on the OPPO Reno 5G, he says, was an exciting one — not least due to the camera’s capacity. Now, he’s able to share his top tips from the tournament’s press pit.

wimbledon 2019
Shot on OPPO Reno 5G

Compose and wait…

When you’re taking a picture that features live sport, compose it and then wait for the key hit/kick/swing before you capture it.

Give your subjects space…

Think about placing the main subject off to the side of your frame in order to give your pictures a more dynamic feel.

The best place to shoot strawberries…

Last but not least, in order to capture the most Insta-worthy Wimbledon picture, Jed recommends that it’s best to take your bowl of strawberries to the top of The Hill and take a photo with some Wimbledon grass behind them. This will bring out the popping red colour of the berries — and remind everyone exactly where you are. While this may be a more Wimbledon-specific shot, the same rules apply whatever your chosen sport – or snack – happens to be.

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