This is what one of Britain’s most successful hedge fund managers says about investing

Huntsman majority holder Pierre Lagrange speaks exclusively to Gentleman's Journal

Investing in the volatile post-Brexit stock market has never been more risky – or potentially lucrative. And for one man, the pressures of betting big are even greater. As a founder of Man GLG, Pierre Lagrange is responsible for investment of $26 billion of other people’s money. But, with more than 30 years of experience as a hedge fund manager and an estimated net worth of £300 million, he can justify ably claim to be at the very top of his industry.

Today, he divides his time between attempting to stay ahead of the most unpredictable markets in recent years, and his Savile Row tailors, Huntsman, which he bought and has helped to export to New York. And like the best huntsmen, he has made an art out of knowing what his target is going to do next.

Can you explain how a hedge fund actually works?

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