Add a sense of mystery to Valentine’s Day, with Nyetimber’s ‘Secret Admirer’ gift

To take the risk out of the high-stakes game of present purchasing, we turn to the ever-reliable producer of English sparkling wines

With just under a fortnight to go until Valentine’s Day, it’s time to start drafting up some ideas for presents – because even though you may feel like you’re due some respite following an intense retail-heavy Christmas period, strategising poorly for the year’s most amorous occasion probably won’t pay dividends. 

As a general rule at Gentleman’s Journal, we try to steer clear of the cliché (heart-shaped gimmickry and paraphernalia), and we definitely circumvent last-minute purchases (stale carnations). 

The failsafe trick, we often argue, is to always plump for something that gets the balance right: an item that’s neither flashy nor tight-fisted, but, rather, is widely appreciated and understated. 

So, this year, to take the risk out of the high-stakes game of gift-giving, we’ve decided to turn, once again, to GJ favourite Nyetimber, for its selection of ever-reliable English sparkling wines. 

For over three decades, this storied producer, which is set in the rural heart of West Sussex, has been making the country’s finest sparkling wine, using varieties from Pinot Meunier to Pinot Noir by way of Chardonnay – and thanks to the south-England climate and the terroir of greensand and chalk soil in which the label’s vines grow, each bottle bursts with optimal flavour and acidity.

If you’re struggling to pick from the label’s accomplished portfolio, we’d nudge you towards a failsafe trio. Of particular note is the signature Classic Cuvee, a lovely tipple that draws upon all varieties in Nyetimber’s vineyard and several of its vintages, resulting in a perfect balance of refinement and punch. 

There’s also a Rosé, ideal for year-round drinking and typically made from three famed varieties (the key note, however, is the vibrant red-fruit hits of Pinot Noir); and a versatile Cuvee Chérie, the first of its type to be sold in England, and one which melds acidity with sweetness, giving it a profile that’s easy to pair with myriad dishes. 

Nyetimber Classic Cuvee

Nyetimber Classic Cuvee


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Nyetimber Rosé

Nyetimber Rosé


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Nyetimber Cuvee Chérie

Nyetimber Cuvee Chérie


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Better still, to help you add another touch of finesse to your present, this Valentine’s Day, Nyetimber has launched a ‘Secret Admirer’ campaign that will revive a time-honoured, anonymous-gifting tradition. All customers have to do is select the Cuvee they want to send, choose a delivery address, and leave an engraved personal message without revealing their name.

A charming gesture that ties together a timeless, universally appreciated gift with a degree of suspense, fun and curiosity – who said there was no longer any mystery left in romance? 

Nyetimber 'Secret Admirer'

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