mr marvis long trousers

These new trousers from Mr Marvis are stepping in to save winter

The Longs are handcrafted from comfortable cotton twill, feature hidden pockets and are as versatile a trouser as we’ve ever tried on…

The clocks may have just turned back, but we’re already longing for longer days. We’re longing for long lunches with friends, long afternoons lounging under the summer sun and long evenings strolling along the beach in our shorts.

Come to think of it, we’re missing our shorts, too. But that’s no wonder — we found a hell of a pair earlier this summer. From Mr Marvis, an Amsterdam-based brand, our summer 2020 wardrobe consisted of the ultimate pair of stylish, sustainable shorts — and not much else. Unfortunately, shorts aren’t an option now it’s getting colder. But the style gods must be smiling — because something even better has come along.

‘Longs’ have come along, as a matter of fact. The latest, longer offering from Mr Marvis, these tailored trousers have taken everything we loved about our summer shorts — and just added a little more material. They’re comfortable, ethical and ideal for wetter, windier weather. And they’ve made us all but forget about those summer days we’ve been longing for…

And this new design from Mr Marvis is marvellous. Remember the soft, comfortable cotton twill of the shorts? That’s still here. How about the signature hidden pocket? Now it’s one of several handy pockets. The handcrafted quality? Also present — the new Longs are stitched to life in the same Portuguese factory as the shorts.

They’re available in 17 different colours — all blessed with names as fun and as quirky as the shorts that came before them. That means your pair of icy grey-blue Longs will be called ‘The Antarctics’, forest greens dubbed ‘The Lakes’ and, if you want to pull on a pair of cappuccino-coloured trousers, ask for ‘The Baristas’.

And, while they may differ in idiosyncratic name, each pair of the Longs also benefit from the same meticulously developed design. Slim-cut and styled with an elasticated waistband, these are as versatile as trousers come. Slip them on with a T-shirt and sneakers, or dress them up with a shirt and Oxfords — they’ll always look the part.

So why has Mr Marvis finally strayed from the world of shorts? That’s easy. It simply realised that many misters missed the ultimate style and comfort of the brand’s signature style when winter rolled around. So it decided that, after four long years — Mr Marvis was founded in 2016 — this winter would be different.

But we shouldn’t be surprised. Brand founder, Steven Vrendenbarg, only started Mr Marvis in the first place because he couldn’t find a pair of shorts that ticked every one of his fashionable boxes. And so, after creating a pair of shorts that didn’t fail after the first wash and were made from fabrics that didn’t shrink or fade, trousers were the next natural step.

We couldn’t be happier, because the Longs are some of the most comfortable, versatile trousers we’ve ever tried on. The saviours of our wintry weeks, we’re wearing our Longs from Monday morning Zoom calls all the way through to Sunday brunch.

So, are we still longing for warm summer days? Absolutely not. Now we’re just longing for Longs…

mr marvis long trousers

The Longs

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