9 things you need to know about the New Range Rover

From the 125 patents that put it together, to its 'noise-cancelling' capabilities, here's what you need to know about the SUV...

Introducing the fifth-generation Range Rover. What do you think? Over here at Gentleman’s Journal, we want to know more about the redesign. Because, while it may not have the charming boxiness of a classic Range Rover, or the stately, royal uprightness of the third generation model — it’s still sleek, chic and immediately recognisable as a Range Rover.

It’s also frighteningly well-built. Designed, developed and engineering here in Britain, Land Rover filed no fewer than 125 patents during the production of the New Range Rover — covering everything from the car’s pioneering chassis technologies to its new PHEV battery. It also survived a punishing worldwide testing tour, taking on terrains from scorching desert dunes to the ice of the Arctic.

So what do you need to know about the New Range Rover? Prices start at £94,400, it will be produced exclusively at the British brand’s Solihul factory and it’s available to order now. But there’s more; additional design-led details and fresh features that make this the best Range Rover to date. Here are 9 interesting things you need to know about the redesign…

1. Everything is defined by three simple lines

Let’s begin with an outline — literally. The silhouette of the New Range Rover is defined by three distinct, dynamic lines: a falling roofline; a strong waistline; and a rising sill line. These guidelines, all hallmarks of past Range Rovers, ensure that the new model retains the visual style of its predecessors — albeit with some choice updates.

Because, while the characteristically short front overhang and hidden waist finisher may remain, there are new, less-traditional touches. We particularly like that distinctive boat tail rear – complete with practical split tailgate — and the flush glazing that reduces drag and gives the car the appearance of being milled from solid metal.

2. The New Range Rover is a ‘noise-cancelling’ car

The redesigned Range Rover has many clever gadgets and gizmos tucked under that sleek shell — but perhaps the most incredible is the ‘Meridian Signature Sound System’. This piece of pioneering kit uses ‘Active Noise Cancellation8’ to monitor wheel vibrations, tyre noise and engine sounds — and then automatically generates a cancelling signal that plays through the car’s 35 speakers.

That’s right; it’s a car that cancels out its own noise. So, when you’re sitting in the serene, calm cabin, you’ll be gently and subtly soothed by the speakers — most notably by the pairs of 60mm diameter speakers built into the four main headrests. It’s a remarkable achievement and, what’s more, you won’t even realise it’s happening.

3. You can park the car without sitting in it

If you thought that noise-cancelling trick was nifty, just wait until you have to park your New Range Rover. Using ‘Remote Park Assist5’, operated using a smartphone app, you can manoeuvre into and out of parking spaces remotely — by which we mean not in the car. And that’s not all. Thanks to an electrically operated rear axle, the car has a turning circle of less than 11m⁴ — the smallest of any Land Rover.

All-wheel steering helps with this superior handling, especially boosting the car’s nimble capabilities at low speeds. And new manoeuvring lights cast a carpet of light around the perimeter of the vehicle when you’re driving at low speeds in dimly-lit surroundings. This, paired with the 3D Surround Camera system, has helped to create the most easily piloted SUV on the modern market.

4. There are more trims and material choices than ever before

Back inside the New Range Rover, there are more interior options than ever before — and the materials and fabrics used are as sustainable and responsible as the modern world demands. Options range from innovative textiles and tactical Ultrafabrics™ to lustrous plated metals, smooth ceramics, intricate mosaic marquetry and soft near-aniline leather.

But the most exciting development? A continuation of Land Rover’s pioneering relationship with Kvadrat™. Through research and investment, the two brands have created a durable, definitive material option that is both lighter than leather, and generates only a quarter of the carbon emissions of traditional hides.

5. The new ‘SV’ personalisation options are near-endless

On the subject of signature options and personalisation, both New Ranger Rover body designs — standard and long wheelbase options — are available with specially curated ‘SV Serenity’ and ‘SV Intrepid’ design themes. For the first time, these options introduce two-tone front-to-rear contrasting colourways to the Range Rover line.

There’s also the sumptuous new ‘SV Signature Suite’ option available for long wheelbase models, which features uniquely cosseting seats with 24-way adjustment and massage functionality — not to mention an elegant electrically deployable Club Table that rises theatrically from the full-length centre console.

6. This is the smartest, most self-aware Range Rover ever

With its new 523-horsepower twin-turbo V8, the New Range Rover certainly has the brawn. But it’s also got brains. For the newest model, Amazon Alexa comes built-in, and helps minimise any distractions on the road by recognising intuitive verbal commands for music, navigation and traffic updates. There’s also Apple CarPlay and Android Auto wired in for ease.

Add to that the new ‘Cabin Air Purification Pro’ feature — with PM2.5 filtration and nanoeTM X technology that filters out odours, allergens, bacteria and, yes, coronavirus — and you’ve got a cabin that is not only intuitive and innovative, but one that helps to cultivate a safer space for focused driving.

7. This is the smoothest riding Ranger Rover to date

And it’s not just the tech that’s smooth to operate — the whole car has overhauled suspension and control systems to ensure a stable, comfortable ride. In fact, the New Range Rover is the first Land Rover ever to feature ‘Dynamic Response Pro’; a powerful new electronic roll control system that is faster-acting and more efficient than a hydraulic set-up.

This, along with fully independent air suspension — that isolates the cabin from surface imperfections more effectively than ever — will keep any errant body movement under control. Throw in the industry-leading air springs and twin-valve dampers, and you’ve got as polished and peaceful a ride as you’re ever likely to experience.

8. The largest ever touchscreen adds the wow factor

And not just the wow factor. The New Range Rover’s 13.1-inch curved, floating screen is also incredibly ergonomic. Embodying that architectural ‘lightness’ of the interior, the minimally-framed screen offers intuitive, clean control of all major functions — from music and entertainment to satellite navigation — all powered by Land Rover’s award-winning Pivi Pro infotainment technology.

Perhaps the nicest new touch? For the first time in a Land Rover, the central display will provide haptic feedback when customers touch and press the screen, making it less necessary for you to take your eyes off the road. And that front screen is just the beginning of the high-definition action; in the rear, passengers can enjoy 11.4-inch touchscreens mounted into the seat backs.

9. It’ll soon be an all-electric SUV (but not yet)

For the final flourish of the New Range Rover, it’s going electric. These first models may not be leading the charge in the EV game, but 2024 will see a new battery-electric Range Rover roll onto our roads, as part of the British brand’s new ‘Reimagine’ strategy.

For now, plug-in hybrid models will deliver a hushed EV range of up to 100km (62 miles) and drastically reduced CO2 emissions for those who want to drive a Range Rover — but are also considerate of climate change and the environment. The development of an electric powertrain certainly shows that Land Rover is moving in the right direction. And, in this handsome new Range Rover, they’re doing so in style.

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