Why you need to visit Orlebar Brown before your next holiday

Hitting the beach this summer? Get your luxury essentials from the best in the business...

Established ten years ago, in 2007, Orlebar Brown may look summery and European, but it is as British a brand as they come. Launched with the aim of refining men’s swim shorts, the company began their decade-long campaign against baggy, Union Jack trunks and far-too-tight Speedos and, today, they are one of the most respected and sought-after brands on the market.

So, if you’re heading south this summer, hoping to sun yourself and lounge by the beach, why not peruse Orlebar Brown’s unrivalled collection of swimwear, shorts, summer accessories and shirts. This is nostalgic beachwear, classically-tailored trunks and clothing influenced by 1960s poolside utopia. Dive in.

Why you need to visit Orlebar Brown before your next holiday

Swim shorts

As the cornerstone of their collection, Orlebar Brown’s swim shorts are their most coveted items, and for good reason. Based on the traditional pattern of a man’s suit trouser, these shorts have a tailored fit unique to Orlebar Brown.

Quick drying fabrics and signature side fasteners only add to the exclusivity and, in a quirky canine touch, the sizes are named after various breeds of dog. So, from the streamlined Dachshunds, through mid-length Bulldogs, to long Danes, there’s something for every occasion.

Why you need to visit Orlebar Brown before your next holiday

Polo shirts

Terry cloth, of which many of Orlebar Brown’s polo shirts are crafted, has had a turbulent time in the public eye. Often derided, surely its peak came when Sean Connery wore terrycloth poolside during his tenure as superspy James Bond. And, if it’s good enough for 007, it’s good enough for you.

Perfectly styled and tailored, yet also casual, Orlebar Brown’s luxury polos combine classic design with thoughtful construction, and are crafted not only from terry towelling, but from other vintage-inspired materials – such as classic pique cotton – as well.

Why you need to visit Orlebar Brown before your next holiday


Over the past decade, Orlebar Brown have come a long way – diversifying into each and every product you need for a stylish holiday. Sunglasses, of course, are indispensable – something the brand’s hardy and fashionable collection understands perfectly.

From aviators to D-frames and everything in-between, the focus here is on diversity. Nowhere else could you find such a range of different styles, shapes and colours from one brand – so get browsing, because there’ll certainly be something for you.

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