Men’s most attractive physical features revealed

A new survey has ranked what women look for in a male body

A man’s chest has been voted his most important asset, in a new survey of 3000 people by a British healthcare company.

A surprising result, a striking 24 per cent of women surveyed deemed the chest a man’s most attractive quality, with hair coming in a close second with 22 per cent, and arms rounding out the top three with 19 per cent.

At the other end of the spectrum, only 1 per cent of those surveyed found a man’s legs to be his most attractive feature, with 3 per cent citing his eyes and a shocking 2 per cent giving priority to his overall face.

13 per cent decided a man’s abs were most important, and 9 per cent awarded the V-cut – muscular lower abdominals – the title of most attractive physical feature.

But whilst the results may look cut and dry, DrFelix – the company behind the survey – went one step further and explored whether or not women value the physical traits of men differently depending on their age and income.

It was found that women with low and median incomes find men with muscular arms the most attractive, whereas women who have higher incomes prefer a man with defined abs and a larger chest.

Younger women were found to value the V-cut considerably more than older women, with the face being least important to those in the 25-34 year old age bracket. A preference for arms was constant throughout the years.

Turning the tables, it was also found that men regard the face the most important physical trait of a woman, with 46 per cent putting it on top. This was followed by bum at 18 per cent, hair at 11 per cent, legs at 9 per cent and boobs at 8 per cent.

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