Men of Style: Max Chilton on travel essentials, tailoring and culture

The British racing driver reveals how to take your style up a gear during a Clements and Church suit fitting

Still only 28, Max Chilton has squeezed a lot into his years and most of it has involved motorsport. He’s currently competing in IndyCar in the United States having switched teams from Chip Ganassi to Carlin, but has previously driven in F1 for Force India and Marussia.

Alongside all this, Max has found time to cultivate a serious social media following, with a cool 96k followers to his name. Here he gives us a peek inside his stylish life…

When travelling, what do you always pack?
A pair of swimming trunks and a running set as it always annoys me if where I am staying has a great pool or gym and I can’t use it.

Two- or Three-Piece?

Double- or Single-Breasted?
Depends hugely on the occasion. I always like to look smart rather than underdressed but a double-breasted suit can sometimes be a little too much.

Oxfords or Monkstraps?

max chilton
max chilton
max chilton

Best car you’ve ever driven?
Apart from many different F1 cars, including ones from the V10 and V8 era, I would have to say a Ferrari La Ferrari.

What would you call your yacht?
Rude not to.

Who is your biggest inspiration?
My old man and Jim Clarke.

What is your favourite film?
Cool Runnings, The Thomas Crowne Affair or The Imitation Game.

Last track you played on Spotify?
I am too old fashioned for Spotify, I buy the music I listen to and the last song I played was Gypsy by Fleetwood Mac.

What is the last book you read?
No idea – it was years ago.

Surfing or skiing?

Favourite city?

What do you order at a bar?

What food could you not give up?
All sweets – mainly chocolate raisins straight out of the fridge.

max chilton
max chilton

Favourite wine?

Where would you retire?
Surrey or Cornwall.

What quote to you live by?
Probably Steve McQueen’s, “Racing is life, anything before or after is just waiting.”

What does true men’s style mean to you?
Classic, dateless and clean cut.

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