Mason & Sons: the brand dedicated to British design

From Bond’s tailor to Bowie’s dressmaker, luxury online retailer Mason & Sons celebrates the very best of British design

Anthony Sinclair with Sean Connery

Mason & Sons features a carefully curated collection of brands, clothing, and lifestyle products that have been selected to represent the epitome of British style.

Founder of Mason & Sons, David Mason, is the man behind the resurrection of British heritage brands Anthony Sinclair and Mr. Fish.

Mason & Sons: the brand dedicated to British design
Michael Fish with Sean Connery

Anthony Sinclair was Sean Connery’s original tailor and dressed him for all of his appearances as James Bond. In 2012 David Mason, with the help of his sons and colleagues, breathed new life into the long-dormant company and the brand has since gone from strength to strength, being recognised this year as one of Country & Town House magazine’s top 125 Great British Brands.

Mason & Sons: the brand dedicated to British design
Sinclair as a Great British Brand

The successful re-launch of Anthony Sinclair inspired Mason to take the reigns of the legendary and controversial fashion brand, Mr.Fish. Known for the influential and provocative designs worn by the likes of David Bowie and Mick Jagger, Mr. Fish ushered in the 1960s Peacock Revolution, changing the way men approached fashion.

“Mason & Sons was born out of a passion for British style,” says David Mason. “The vision for the online platform is to celebrate the pioneering spirit and iconic style of these heritage brands while making it relevant for the modern gentleman.”

Mason & Sons will also act as a launch pad for other iconic British brands such as Victorian eyewear designer Curry & Paxton and the classic motoring apparel brand, Motoluxe.

Curry & Paxton famously provided the iconic frames worn by Michael Caine in “The Ipcress File” and “The Italian Job” and is set to re-launch on the site in late September 2016 with bespoke optical frames and a range of ready-to-wear sunglasses.

Mason & Sons: the brand dedicated to British design
Caine in Curry & Paxton

Motoluxe originally started in 1905 by making alpaca coats and travel requisites for early motorists who needed protection from the elements during winter driving and, as such, was undoubtedly the world’s first motoring apparel brand. Motoluxe will re-launch in November and will offer a collection of performance tailoring, inspired by a century of love between man and his machines.

Mason & Sons: the brand dedicated to British design
20th century motoring apparel

Bringing together an eclectic mix of fashion and lifestyle labels, Mason & Sons is already the go-to destination for the discerning customer looking for authentic British brands with a focus on quality and design.

This article was written in association with Mason & Sons.

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