Win a life-changing wellness bundle from Lumity, worth over £1,000

From a one-year's subscription to the brand's 'Morning & Night' male supplements to a healthy ageing Pro Ice Roller, here's what you could win....

Are you feeling well? We certainly are. And that’s because, earlier this year, we discovered the life-giving, super-boosting, anti-ageing power of Lumity. Founded in 2016 by Cambridge graduate and research scientist Dr Sara Palmer Hussey, the British brand is on a mission to create scientifically-backed products that will change our lives.

And you, too, could benefit. After reaping the rewards ourselves, Gentleman’s Journal has teamed up with Lumity to give away a wellness bundle worth £1,044. From their Skin Nutrients Facial Oil and Pro Ice Roller to a year-long supply of the brand’s unique, two-step healthy ageing supplement, it’s a prize that will change your life. Take a look at what you could win — and enter your details below…

A one-year subscription to Lumity’s Morning & Night Male Supplements

First up comes Lumity’s incredible ‘Morning & Night Male Supplements’. Uniquely formulated and using Lumity’s clinically-proven core formula, these softgels work in tandem with your body’s circadian rhythm at a cellular level. That means, whatever your body is calling out for during the day or night, Lumity is on hand to deliver it.

From strengthening your hair, nails, joints and teeth to bolstering up your immune system as the world unlocks, these colourful capsules are the ideal way to stay safe this summer — and we’re giving away a year-long supply. So, if you want to up your metabolism, boost your brain health and protect against oxidative stress, this is a prize worth winning.

A two-month supply of ‘Restful Nights Booster’

Of course, Lumity knows that man cannot live on supplements alone. That’s why, for many of the brand’s more innovative inventions, the team has formulated ‘Booster Supplements’ — which work alongside balanced diets and healthy lifestyles to enhance every aspect of your daily life. And, chief among those aspects, is a good night’s sleep.

These ‘Restful Nights’ food supplements have been scientifically calibrated for those who have trouble sleeping when they’re stressed or overworked — and frequently feel fatigued as a result. Using pumpkin seed oil, turmeric and magnesium, it’s a natural way to relax you into a new, more restful routine. 

A two-month supply of ‘Power On Booster’

But it’s not all about winding down. We’re also giving away a two-month supply of Lumity’s ‘Power On’ Booster supplements. Like the ‘Restful Nights’ Booster above, these softgels will help create a fresh, healthy routine for your body — naturally delivering the energy and vigour you need to start a productive day.

How? Using a dynamic formula that blends Zinc, Biotin, Riboflavin and Vitamins C, B6 and B12. It’s a potent mix that also serves to strengthen your nervous system and psychological function — giving you full focus, strength of thought and enthusiasm as you go about your day. 

Skin Nutrients Facial Oil

De-stressing and de-ageing from the inside out is all well and good — but there’s no harm in applying a little natural anti-ageing product to the surface of your skin, either. Delivering advanced hydration whilst simultaneously balancing and smoothing fine lines and wrinkles, this vitamin cocktail packs a powerful, restorative punch.

It’s also ideal to use as a beard oil. Perfect for modern men, it’ll cut down your morning grooming routine — while also turning back time by balancing pH, optimising skin and protecting you from pollution and environmental irritants. Created using 32 botanical oils — from Manuka to Macadamia — it’s a natural miracle in a bottle. 

Lumity X Chilly's Water Bottle

How else are you going to wash those supplements down? Chilly’s creates perhaps the best water bottles on the market — crafted as they are with vacuum insulation, airtight screw top lids and durable stainless steel walls. 

This particularly stylish offering was created in collaboration with Lumity; a handsome black-and-silver bottle that will be as invaluable in your home office set-up as it will be in the gym. Because hydration is key to keeping healthy — and Lumity are the best in the business at cultivating life-changing results.

A Pro Ice Roller

Last, but by no means least, Lumity’s pioneering Pro Ice Roller. A professional-grade piece of equipment, this roller should be kept in the fridge or freezer for 10 mins until it’s ice cold. Then, you roll it across your skin for an instant, face-taughtening pick-me-up. 

It works by aiding lymphatic drainage at a cellular level, soothing inflamed skin and reducing redness from any breakouts you may be suffering. It’s an incredible simple idea — but the best often are. 

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