This is the ultimate at-home circuit to build better abs 

From shoulder taps to side planks, James Stirling has created a workout to give you a set of envy-inducing abdominals for the months ahead

Abs: the finely defined, strongly sculpted centrepiece of your beach-body look. But how can you create a set of envy-inducing abdominals you’d be proud to showcase in the season ahead? To find the answer, we’ve turned to Gentleman’s Journal fitness expert James Stirling, AKA @london_fitness_guy.

“If your goal is to build a strong core from home,” says Stirling, “I’ve got just the exercises for you. It’s the perfect circuit to add to your weekly routine, and it requires no equipment — but will improve your strength, in conjunction with the right diet, and will showcase a defined core.

“This circuit also brings together crunch variations and holds,” he adds, “to hit your core from all angles. With each hold movement, aim to increase your holding time as way of progression. This will give you a target to aim for each week to support those who have a competitive edge!”

Exercise #1: Shoulder Taps

Do this exercise for 40 seconds and focus on ensuring that your hips do not sway. Rest for 20 seconds between sets, and aim for three complete sets.

  • Start in a plank position
  • Bring your left arm to your right shoulder
  • Hold for a count of 3 seconds
  • Return to your plank position and repeat with the opposite hand

Exercise #2: Hollow Hold

For a slightly regressed version of this exercise, place your arms straight and backwards behind your head. Otherwise:

  • Begin on your back with your legs straight
  • Lift your shoulders and legs a few inches off the mat
  • Squeeze your core to hold position

Exercise #3: Side Plank

The side plank is a great exercise for your oblique muscles, which are found on the side of your abdomen.

  • Begin with your elbow on the mat, parallel to your shoulder
  • Lay on your side
  • Lift your hips off the mat and hold position for 40 seconds
  • Change side and repeat

Exercise #4: Butterfly Crunch

One of my favourite crunch movements, the butterfly works all four layers of your abdominal muscles, leading to a flatter stomach and more defined abs.

  • Place the soles of your feet together, like a groin stretch position
  • Lay your back down to the mat
  • Keeping the soles of the feet together, lift through your core and touch your feet like a sit-up
  • Slowly return to the start position and repeat.

Exercise #5: Bear Hold

A bodyweight mobility exercise, the bear hold is an excellent way to maintain core control and focused breathing.

  • Start on all fours, with your hands parallel to your shoulders
  • Lift your knees an inch above the mat
  • Glance towards your belly button
  • Maintain a flat back and hold

Exercise #6: Cocoon

The cocoon crunch is a bodyweight exercise that places a particular focus on your ‘six-pack’ muscles.

  • Lay on your back with your knees pointing towards your chest
  • Simultaneously take your arms back as you straighten your legs
  • Hold for 2-3 seconds when straight and then return to the start position

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