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Land Rover introduce a new class of Evoque

The iconic British car manufacturers deliver their smartest creation yet

Reimagining an icon is no easy task. And yet, that is precisely is the everyday work of Land Rover’s Chief Designer, Gerry McGovern, under whose watch the company has reported record annual sales of their iconic cars.

Now, with the latest Range Rover Evoque, McGovern and his team have built on the strengths of the best-selling original.

Combining all-terrain capability with on-road composure, the Evoque’s new vehicle architecture, updated front and rear suspension and the latest Adaptive Dynamics technology deliver improved refinement, performance, safety and stability in all conditions.

Gerry McGovern, Chief Designer for Land Rover

The Evoque all grown up…

In the words of Range Rover’s Chief Programme Engineer, “The new Evoque delivers the versatility and refinement required for modern city living, while still providing the all-terrain capability our customers expect from a Land Rover.”

The new Evoque can be synchronised with the InControl Remote app

“We’ve engineered the new Evoque from the ground up, scrutinising every element to ensure we exceed the customers’ expectations.”


Built for purpose…

The new Evoque raises the bar for all-terrain capability in the compact luxury SUV sector, with a unique blend of inherent off-road ability and enhanced technology to provide traction on all surfaces and in every condition.

Ground clearance is 212mm, while approach and departure angles are 25 degrees in the front and 30.6 degrees in the rear.

The Evoque will also come with a variety of all-terrain technologies such as Hill Descent Control, Gradient Release Control and All-Terrain Progress Control.

The new Range Rover Evoque

Allied with features such as the world-first ClearSight Ground View (a realisation of Land Rover’s transparent bonnet concept), which grants greater visibility beneath the vehicle when tackling uneven terrain, the latest Range Rover Evoque has all the credentials to go above and beyond.

A car of the future…

Thanks to the latest innovations,  Alex Heslop, the Director of Electronics and Software for Jaguar Land Rover says that “the new Evoque is one of the most technologically advanced vehicles available.”

One particularly impressive new feature is the ‘smart rear view mirror’, which Heslop describes as having “eyes on the back of its head.”

Interiors of the new Range Rover Evoque

The new InControl Remote smartphone application allows customers to stay in touch with their Evoque, no matter where in the world they are — checking in on finding their vehicle or the remaining fuel range, lock and unlocking the vehicle remotely.

Drivers can now also pre-heat or cool the cabin to the desired temperature.

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