Is this the key to attracting women?

Can this one simple trick make the ladies fall at your feet?

There are a lot of things that a gentleman can do to garner the attention of the opposite sex. Some work, others don’t. There are theories that surpass all others and pieces of advice that men and women all over the world take as gospel but the majority of them have little grounds to stand on. When science is on your side, however, you know it’s a different story. It’s also time to listen. So what is this mysterious trick?

You’ve heard it from us before and we’re here to tell you again: wear red, attract the ladies. According to research conducted for the British Psychological Society, ““Red displays in the animal kingdom also often indicate sexual interest and availability – complemented by the cultural connotations of red with passion and sex.” When you think about it, it makes sense. We are constantly attracted to bright, bold items and a red jumper over say, a navy blue one, is bound to get our attention pretty damn quick. So fix up, look sharp – and wear red.

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