Jeff Goldblum talks dinosaurs, Thor and losing his virginity

One of the most lovable eccentrics in Hollywood is enjoying a renaissance. We speak to him...

“It might seem unbelievable, but yeah, I raise the dead,” Jeff Goldblum explains. “I’m one of the elders of the universe who came into existence after the Big Bang, so I’m immortal. I have super powers like I can kill you just by thinking about it and then resurrect you. I can do everything. I can fly, I can levitate, I can do anything that anybody else can do, and more. Although I’ve been around for like billions of years, like vampires, my current pleasure is games.

“I like to play,” he adds with that big, unmistakable grin, tailing off with a long and wistful repetition of the key word: “play”.

As Goldblum reels off his list of god-like endowments, it’s worth noting he does not genuinely believe he’s omnipotent – even though he is sometimes called ‘The Hollywood Buddha’. Instead he is just playing the part of his character The Grandmaster, a mischievous and entertaining antagonist set to wreak havoc in Marvel’s upcoming Thor: Ragnarok.

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