tom hardy james bond 007 casting announcement

Is Tom Hardy actually the next James Bond?

After a blog 'revealed' the casting news last weekend, fans have gone into overdrive. But is there any truth to Tom Hardy becoming 007?

Tom Hardy is your next 007. Discuss. Or don’t. You — along with everyone else who’s ever seen a Bond film —probably have an opinion on Hardy as the next incarnation of James Bond. We know we do. But we’re keeping our opinions to ourselves — and we suggest you do the same.

As of today, betting has been suspended on the 43-year-old Londoner taking the wheel of Daniel Craig’s Aston Martin. His odds have been slashed from 6/1 to 1/1 and Hardy fever is gripping 007 fan sites from to But we don’t care what people are saying. We just want to know the truth — is Tom Hardy actually going to be the 007th actor to play the superspy?

Because we’re not sure. As you’ll likely know, last weekend a blog post reported that Tom Hardy had been surreptitiously cast as Daniel Craig’s successor. The purported scoop was then snatched up by the red-tops, and people set about mocking up movie posters before you could say ‘unsubstantiated’. Many were up in arms about the casting; some couldn’t be happier. But few questioned the announcement.

Only a handful of people stopped to wonder whether, as this hadn’t come from Hardy himself, or the folks behind the Bond films, or even a trusted news publication, whether they should take it all with a massive fistful of salt. So, before we get ahead of ourselves — and news of Hardy’s ‘casting’ eclipses No Time To Die — let’s ask, is Tom Hardy actually the next James Bond?

When did the Tom Hardy rumour start?

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