Investment of the Week: Wine

What bottles should you be pouring your money into?

Everybody enjoys the odd glass of red – but could there be more bucks in your bottle than you think? Philip Staveley, head of research at Amphora Portfolio Management, certainly thinks so – and he has shared his hot investment tips for the finest wines to buy this week.

 “In demand particularly are uber critic Robert Parker’s 100 point-rated wines,” says Staveley, who reveals that the index growth saw a rise of 25 per cent in 2016, “not least because he has now withdrawn from tasting younger Bordeaux wines to concentrate on his native Napa Valley.

Those which have attained that 100-point accolade now have added scarcity value and, of these, we note a particular three.

Investment of the Week: Wine

 “The Haut-Brion 2009 now trades with reputable merchants at £6,600, a healthy discount to the equally rated 2010 – which trades at £6,950. You can also pick up a case of the 2005 – also a 100 point wine – for £6,300, and this is the real bargain of the trio.

“Our own Amphora Portfolio Management proprietary algorithm – the industry’s unique objective arbiter of relative value – sees this 2005 wine score very highly too. So, in short, buy Chateau Haut-Brion 2005!”

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