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Introducing the RAF100 Aircraft Stories directed by David Gandy and Breitling

Go behind the scenes of the RAF speaking with current servicemen and veterans as they share their stories of serving in the RAF

The Red Arrows. The Spitfire. The Red, White and Blue Roundel. These iconic symbols have been part of British culture for decade upon decade, and with the RAF celebrating its centenary this year, they have become more important than ever.

To help commemorate this momentous occasion, Breitling and David Gandy teamed up with the RAF to speak to current servicemen and exceptional veterans alike to hear tales of bravery and serving our nation from the air.

96-year-old Spitfire pilot Allan Scott completed three tours of duty and faced the Luftwaffe as a teenager in 1941. He is now an ambassador for the RAF Benevolent Fund charity, and a war hero bearing the Distinguished Flying medal by King George VI.

A practised Chinook team, who have carried out humanitarian missions after natural disasters such as hurricane Irma, provide much-needed aid to those who in need. It’s a crucial role the RAF has played over the past 100 years, but one oft-overlooked. One of the films rights that oversight.

A Eurofighter Typhoon pilot is the subject of another film. He flies one of the most advanced aircraft that the RAF has as its disposal today. The Typhoon is used as part of the UK’s quick reaction alert, as well as peace-keeping missions.

These are the brave service people who put themselves in harm’s way everyday and always return to land with a story to tell. To find the whole series of Aircraft Stories head over to our YouTube channel now.

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