Introducing the new Panerai Submersible range

From coral reef to ocean depths via the hotel pool, introducing the luxury dive watches that can take the pressure

There are some watches that are made simply to be looked at. Others to fly with. Others to be worn to black tie dinner parties.

And some watches made to withstand the planet’s most extreme environments, and look supremely elegant while they’re at it. Enter Officine Panerai’s new Submersible range, a collection that can operate at depths and pressure that even the most hardened of free divers may find a challenge. And the maison should know — for they designed the new timepieces to meet the high demands of one of the world’s very best, Guillaume Néry.

Diving to depths greater than 120 metres is something that very few humans are capable of doing in one breath. For the twice freediving world champion it’s the day job, and having a watch that can keep up with these strains imperative. 

"Enter Officine Panerai's new Submersible range, a collection that can withstand more depth and pressure than even the most hardened free diver..."

Thanks to vast knowledge and heritage that comes from Panerai’s relationship with the diving and submersible world they have been able to create a feat of micro-engineering that can not only stand the test of time but also the elements.

From boasting a 300 metre water resistance (3 bar) to having a high rating of antimagnetism, there is very little that will stop these watches from keeping perfect time.

Strap one of Panerai’s latest collection to your wrist whilst playing off shore along the Amalfi coast this summer, and you can have the peace of mind that you’ll make your dinner reservation on time.

Not only that, but the fluorescent markers also give excellent visibility in low level light, whether you’re deep sea diving or taking a midnight dip. In fact, there is very little stopping these horological machines in general, with every tight spot, scrape or minor annoyance engineered for.

The Submersible range starts at £7,500 for the base models and can be found in a range of materials and complications to help expert divers.

Introducing the new Panerai Submersible range

Panerai Submersible

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Introducing the new Panerai Submersible range

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