Cartier’s new London temple is a shrine to quality watchmaking

Housing some unique pieces, the new flagship channels Cartier’s links with London in a strong and elegant way

Why do they call it a temple? Well that’s easy. When you step inside Cartier’s new flagship at 175-177 New Bond Street, you’ll be met by a store of ecclesiastical proportions. Cathedral-like in its size, the temple stretches all the way back to Albemarle Street and spreads over two extra floors. But, though it is huge, everything is meticulously designed — to the smallest of small details.

Cartier’s new London temple is a shrine to quality watchmaking

There are only two other Cartier temples in the world: Paris and New York. Each is based in a city one of the three Cartier brothers called home and, as this latest throws its doors open, we headed down to Mayfair to take a look around.

Every aspect of Cartier is reflected, individually, in each room, alcove and salon you’ll find as you explore the many levels of the historic brand’s new home. And every single space is geared around showcasing the brand’s storied watches.

It’s tempting to spend your whole visit gazing at the meticulously-designed and crafted products, but we’d suggest every now and then that you look up at the light installations. Each has been modelled by a famous designer to match its room and tailor the mood to create a calming and welcoming environment for all.

Cartier’s new London temple is a shrine to quality watchmaking

Take the listed staircase up to the first floor and you’ll be greeted by the Cartier Collection — replete with rare and spectacular pieces. Venture up one more set of listed stairs and you’ll find a bar, where the brand plans on holding events and private gatherings. We, for one, can’t wait for our first invite.

In short, the new temple is phenomenal. So, next time you find yourself with some time on your hands in Mayfair we would recommend a visit. Who knows? You might leave with a new timepiece on your wrist.

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