Introducing the Gentleman’s Journal Digital Edition

What’s that? A new free-to-read edition of your favourite luxury men’s magazine? Have a virtual flick-through here…

Never accuse Gentleman’s Journal of being stuck in the past. Yes, we like things of long standing heritage and tradition. And sometimes age and maturity are a guarantee of wisdom and experience. (Sometimes.) But never fear — we can cut and thrust with the new, young media barons like the best of them. 

Our biannual magazine, as you may know, is a thing of physical beauty in its own right, and a delight for most of the senses. (No-one’s ever tried to eat it yet, to our knowledge — but it’s got the heft of a decent ribeye, so bring the right knife.) The creamy thickness of the paper. The tactile texture of the embossed cover. The rich visual combination of expensive ink and sumptuous photography. 

And the smell! Well, it’s like a petrol station forecourt remixed by Chanel. When it comes to translating that experience into the digital realm, however, some things sometimes get lost along the way — the experience gets flatter, duller and thinner.

No longer. Those days are over. Because we’re now very happy to announce the arrival of our new digital version of the magazine — an all-singing, all-dancing, bells-and-whistles creation that feels entirely different to our paper product or our website. 

The best of both worlds. Interactive, dynamic, free-flowing and intuitive, it’s a new, living, breathing way for us to bring you our beautiful features, stories and articles.

Like our interview with Tony Fitzjohn, for example, the lion whisperer extraordinaire, who this summer returned to Kora National Park in Kenya exactly 50 years since he first set foot in it — and relives the tales of wilderness past. Or the inimitable how-the-hell-is-that-guy-68-ness of Pierce Brosnan — arguably the greatest Bond ever, and certainly the most photogenic (the Malibu beach house helps, sure.) 

Or our long lunch at the Colombe d’Or, that bastion of the Riviera as it should have been (and once was.) Or our very first ever Annual Family Dynasty Stock Index, which asks the crucial question: where should I marry my children into next? Or our selection of sunglasses, caps, shoes — you name it. Your digital cup overflows. Swipe, flick, buy, watch, laugh, weep.

Welcome, if we might be so bold, to the future.

Introducing the Gentleman’s Journal Digital Edition

Gentleman’s Journal Digital Edition

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