Introducing: Clive Christian’s incredible new fragrance

Clive Christian is a national treasure. Known for his intricate designs and out-of-this world fragrances, this is a gentleman who knows a thing or two about luxury lifestyle. Craftsmanship sits at the very heart-centre of his brand; everything is made to total perfection and expertly crafted with the luxury customer in always mind.

The brand’s latest launch, Noble VII, is absolutely no exception. It’s the seventh fragrance pair in its perfume collection, and aims to evoke the spirit of nobility and glory of the Queen Anne Period in British history. During the 18th century, the nobility saw their gardens and residences as a symbol of their status – and that’s exactly what Clive Christian wanted to evoke with this 7th fragrance pair.

Inspired by the very gardens of Christian’s own magnificent Queen Anne residence – one that was built in the tradition of the time nearly 300 years ago. The pair, Rock Rose and Cosmos Flower, each capture a key ingredient found in the gardens. They are set against an invigorating top note of citrus, warmed with bergamot, black pepper and the timeless touch of neroli. The heart blends with clean lavender, violent and herbs to being out the strong character of the rock rose, and the base is a powerful combination of cocoa, patchouli and an abundance of amber.

The beauty of Clive Christian fragrances is that they, although they come as a pair, they can be worn individually or together. And trust us when we say, gentlemen, that this is a brand to invest in – because once you go there, you’ll never go anywhere else.

Introducing: Clive Christian’s incredible new fragrance

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