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Inside London’s gangster clubs

Peer behind the glitz and glamour of the capital’s nightlife and, historically, you may get more than you bargained for…

Often, London’s criminal underworld operates with a wink and a nudge. After all, it isn’t the nature of organised crime to conduct everything out in the open. And those that say too much about what goes on, well, it’s likely to be the last thing they say.

From the Krays to the Russian Mob, organised crime’s hold on British nightlife is difficult to quantify. In films and on TV nightclubs and pubs make perfectly inconspicuous fronts for criminal mis-dealings (OK, not so inconspicuous, after all).

In real life, it’s a little harder to separate fact from fiction. So, while that pub at the end of your road, or your favourite nightclub may well be home to dodgy dealings, it behooves us to keep schtum about it.

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