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If you’re not already using sea salt spray, you should be

From how it works to which to buy, we dive into the salty product making waves in your grooming routine

Let’s get one thing clear; sea salt spray is not sea water. You’re not being duped, and it’s not some sly way for grooming brands to get one over on you. In fact, the spritzers and sprays currently making waves in the haircare industry are actually rather sophisticated.

They may mimic the effects the ocean has on your hair — giving it an airy, carefree bounce — but they achieve this using a meticulous mix of natural oils, extracts and all manner of strong salty compounds. Simple sea water, this is not.

So what does sea salt spray actually do?

On the surface of things, sea salt spray makes it look like you’ve just taken a dip in the Med — even if you’re currently sitting at home having not gone anywhere near the ocean since lockdown began. It gives you that bright, buoyant devil-may-care look with just a couple of spritzes.

And it achieves this in much the same way that dry shampoo does. Sea salt spray absorbs excess oils, and lets your limp hair lift up and separate for added texture and definition. But, as an added bonus – and thanks to the crusty salt – these sprays will also act as subtle styling agents, holding your hair in a matt-shine, laid-back look.

How do I use sea salt spray?

This depends on which mist or spray you invest in, but the basic rules will stay the same. Start off by curbing your shampooing routine. By washing your hair less frequently, you’ll up the amount of naturally-occurring oils for the sea salt spray to work with. Alternatively, use dry shampoo — which will also maximise lift.

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When it comes to spritzing in the spray, you can do this on wet or dry hair. For instant texture, apply to dry hair and cold blast it with your hairdryer. To set yourself up for the day, towel dry your hair and spritz through, before blow drying — a process that multiplies the power of the spray, making it harder-holding, more voluminous and slightly shinier.

Which sea salt spray should I be buying?

We’ve picked out our three favourite sea salt sprays — spritzed regularly around the Gentleman’s Journal offices. First up, comes this ’40 Proof’ spray from Blind Barber — a Brooklyn institution which infuses its protein-rich formula with hops to bring that beachside beer spirit to your haircare routine.

Also adding various oils and extracts to its blend — including grapefruit, coriander and sweet orange — is Murdock, with its attractively bottled offering. Or, for a spritz of texture and unpronounceable brand naming, why not opt for Sachajuan’s professional Ocean Mist?

If you’re not already using sea salt spray, you should be

Blind Barber 40 Proof Sea Salt Spray


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If you’re not already using sea salt spray, you should be

Sachajuan Ocean Mist Texturising Spray


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