How to wear swim shorts well with Frescobol Carioca

The Rio de Janeiro-inspired brand has a new collection of resort wear, ideal for those in chase of some winter sun...

As the summer makes its way from the northern to the southern hemisphere, the British gentleman, fortunate enough to have spare time on his hands, has to travel that much further for a spot of sun-kissed beach life.

If you are making the effort, then you should do the same for your wardrobe. You need something laid back, maybe you need something sexy, but you certainly need the distinctive and the cool.

Our friends at Frescobol Carioca have delivered exactly that with their fresh Orgânico collection; inspired by the rainforest that surrounds Rio de Janeiro’s cosmopolitan beachfront.

How to wear it (well)

Luckily, you won’t have to pay the airfare to have a personal stylist in tow, as the collection works almost as a capsule wardrobe in itself.

There’s Acu swim shorts, with their stand-out-and-look-good prints in a just-loud-enough seasonal colour palette. (The patterns intended to capture the movement of water through the rainforest; the appearance of coral through a pristine ocean).

These statement shorts can be easily combined with the more understated items in the collection. Our favourites: the seersucker camp collar shirts, and wide striped linen shirt.

Any combination, and you’re ready to go from laid-back beach to effortlessly cool bar looking your best.

Anyone for bat and ball?

Established in 2009, Frescobol Carioca have in this, and indeed in all their collections, captured that world-famous Carioca lifestyle. You can’t bottle it, as far as we know, but it seems you can put the spirit of Rio de Janeiro into stylish resort wear.

And if you want to do live truly like a local, indulge with a pair of the brand’s iconic beach bats. The smart choice for an early evening’s game on the Copacabana.

How to wear swim shorts well with Frescobol Carioca

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