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What women think of men’s jewellery…

Men’s jewellery is one of those grey areas that so many can get wrong, yet no one dares to say anything, worried that it has a sentimental or symbolic value to its wearer. Truthfully, jewellery often does. It is given to someone to mark an occasion or event, religion or status, with love or luck, from someone special or close. Unfortunately, I will not sit quietly, because there is no excuse for poor taste in the world’s most expensive decorative accessories. Jewellery is the greatest luxury. Here is a woman’s perspective on the good and the bad.


My mother has always instructed very clearly, to both my sister and I, that less is more. Put on all the jewellery you want to wear and then take a piece off. There is nothing worse than overcrowding one’s wrist, neck or finger. If you have beautiful jewellery, it will be noticed much more, when it stands alone on a body part.

Do not fiddle. I know how exhilarating it can be when you have trotted down to a well known jewellery shop to buy the most expensive men’s bangle. Just moments after, you find yourself sat in the director’s meeting after lunch, spinning it around your wrist, huffing on it, to then polish it with your Hermes tie, and checking whether you have any beef carpaccio twisted in your teeth. This behaviour is criminal. If that bangle was not there, the above would be impolite, and ungentlemanly. When something is new, everyone will notice, without your odd twitching and aggressive demonstrations. The beauty of wearing a recent purchase is to be gentle and move normally. Whether you are smoking a cigar, pouring some whisky or enjoying a pint, men and women alike will catch its twinkle.


Our advice to any man wanting to wear a wedding ring is wear a plain, thin band, in either gold or white gold. Almost all women who are married wear their wedding band every day. Not only is it made of a pure and precious metal but women like to accessorise more. It is a ring of love and signifies commitment. However, I do not believe that men must wear them. I hear you roar with laughter at the thought that I am willing to step aside for a man to dodge the ‘I am taken’ branding. This is not the case. I am stepping aside for reasons which only concern style.


None of the men in my family have ever worn rings – wedding or signet – and it is not for any reason, really. As far as tradition goes, often a son will follow his father and the pieces are handed down, or they copy his choices. My father has very elegant hands and for this reason argues that rings would not suit him. Equally, the more graceful the hand, the better a ring looks. I think essentially it comes down to personal preference.

A signet ring epitomises style – a coat of arms, embedded on a rich and weighted gold ring – an accessory that signifies ‘the gentry’. Those who do not wear one, however, are not of any less importance or status and sometimes the less you wear, the more it says about you… Just do not crowd your fingers, stick to a wedding band and a signet ring at most.

I should add, that for vintage pieces, search Piccadilly. It is heaving with collectables and beautiful things, with Pharell Williams choosing Harry Fane to hunt for him.


This is tough. I personally believe that the older a man gets the less attractive a necklace becomes. The Italians and the French are undoubtedly some of the most stylish dressers, and have been for decades, yet jewellery is not their forte. When someone says think of a beach in southern Italy or St. Tropez, I picture the sea, the sand, and a mass of old olive-skinned European men in speedos with gold medallions, entwined in their fluffy, grey chest hair.

Necklaces can be attractive on men under 30. A lone silver or gold chain or one with a charm, a gentleman will choose just one special necklace, with meaning and subtlety. These are significant pieces, and sexy too, but do not buy a leather one. You have left summer surfing school now and you are not a hippy.


These are a fun accessory and are appropriate at any age. As a child, I used to take those arthritic bangles off some of my father’s friends, without realising that I was probably causing them to suffer aches and pains. I just thought they were terribly trendy. Wear one at a time and add a casual element to your look. Of the more visible pieces, they are the most relaxed, and can be worn night and day, anytime, anyplace and have a refreshed style. For a timelessly chic, more rustic bangle, I would recommend a browse in Patrick Mavros, an exotic family jeweler, whose work originated in Africa and is inspired by animals. For the effortlessly stylish, a Cartier LOVE bangle would do the job perfectly.


N.B. Beaded bracelets are only acceptable if it was made by your daughter, whilst on holiday or during the summer months.


Every man needs them. They complete a tailored suit, keep you tidy, and provide style. You can invest in heavily weighted, engraved, or beautiful enamel and they will marry wonderfully with your Jermyn Street shirts. See some great choices here.



Watches are a necessity and the most important and stylish item a man can wear. Choices and options are endless – for more information visit our watches section.


Jewellery is for personal adornment. It is your choice, and your taste, that makes it a part of your style. The first items said to be over 100,000 years old, it has proved to be the most luxurious, stylish decoration, known to man. The longevity it has, is found in no other thing, and that is why jewellery is one of the finest investments a man could make.

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